Petrol prices are rising and falling and no one knows how long this yo-yo will last. ERP gantries are springing up as if there were ERP-trees that could sprout seedlings. Congestions are getting from bad to worse even with these gantries erected because traffic jams are simply directed from one road to another – and it won’t be for long before ERP-seeds are being planted there.

For car owners, this might be a good time to sell their cars and for aspiring car owners, this might be a good chance for them to lay their hands on a good deal. Either way, there’s always the difficulty of getting onto a common portal for them to buy and sell their cars. Would they have considered getting onto ST701?

News of ST701 first came to me when they decided to have beauty queen Miss Singapore World 2006 Colleen Francisca live in a 50 square-meters glass-walled house to show that a person can survive solely on the ads found on the ST701 classified ads site. I found it a little hard to believe because… how can anyone actually survive just on online services?! But she did! Not only that, but a lucky fellow actually got to spend some time with her and still walk away with a $1000! That’s probably one of the biggest scope for any guy out there.

So anyway, I decided to take a peep at ST701 because I had always been eyeing at the Suzuki Swift 1.5L


Picture: Home page of ST701


Picture: The Cars section at the main page

The home page is simple to navigate and I thought it’s nice and simple. Of course, I am saying this after I got a cultural shock at Straits Times’ new layout, which I think I’ll take some time to get used to. Clicking onto the Hatchback section, it returned a shortlist of all the hatchbacks that are available for sale now. I keyed in "Suzuki" at the search box on top, and it returned 4 pages of Suzuki Swifts! It does seem like there are a lot of people who are placing ads here!


Picture: Search results

With so much results, I was hoping that I’d be able to keep a few on my watch list. This was easily done by clicking on the heart-shaped icon that’s just next to the picture of the car. Moreover, if I wanted to do a comparison, I could just click on the graph icon that’s just next to the heart-shaped icon. Everything’s very easy and intuitive. If you are really lost on what the icons mean, you can just do a mouse-over on the icons and a tab will display what the icons mean.


While doing my comparison, I was asked to create a comparison table, which I think does make sense since I may be comparing other non-related things as well. There’s also a "Back to previous page" option which prevented me from getting lost on my searches. One of the things I hate most is to lost my search results, but I thought it’s quite well thought here. Adding new car sales for comparison is as easy as clicking on the correct comparison tables. Moreover, the pictures of the cars are actually visible in the table, so I’d know what cars I put in.


Picture: The comparison table

When I am done with putting cars into the table, I clicked on the table name and a nice comparison table is displayed. From here, I was able to compare the price, engine types, power, top speed and additional information amongst other things. Overall, I thought it was quite a pleasant experience as everything was very straight-forward and informative. The only peeve I had was on the part where I had to register… where in the midst of registration, I wasn’t able to go back to my search results after registration. However, I did manage to use the back button, so it’s not that bad.

ST701 gets my thumbs up as a comprehensive classified ads website which is as good as the print counterpart. Speaking of which, I wonder if I am able to find this car in ST701.



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