The F1 craze is getting nearer by the day and my friends have started to collect their F1 passes. I didn’t know that the cheapest non-seat, walk-about ticket costs only S$68 and it’s already out of stock. Darn. Now I can only droll from afar. I am not sure if you have been to any of these Grand Prix races, but it’s usually very noisy… wrong, deafening, and you walk out feeling no better than having just exited from a pub playing trash music. Oh well… but I must say that the passes look really nice – with 1 pass for each day. It comes with nice lanyards too! =)

Anyway, it seems like everyone is cashing in on the F1 cow. I have just gotten my decorative tabs (sort of like a folio with some stamps in it) from Sing Post at a whooping S$35! I must say that the presentation was quite nice, but still… I shouldn’t be complaining right? Since I willingly wanted to collect it. Yeah. It’s just the craze.

Of course, that’s not the only cow. Models of F1 racing cars have been put on display everywhere. Vivocity, for one, has a life sized model right at the lobby, attracting much attention and creating a magnetic effect on the cameras on many passerbys. That’s not all, they even have a life sized game station for people to pit their skills against each other. Best Denki, however, has taken a step further by creating an entire game system – PS3, steering wheels and pedal, seat and LCD TV and selling it for a whopping S$11,999! That’s perhaps just a little too much for me to stomach. I might just settle for the steering wheels and pedal for S$598. Of course, PS3 not included.

As the date draws nearer to the actual race on 26 September 2008, I am sure more promotional stunts will be in town. I, however, will not be able to bask in the nosiness of the F1 race because I will probably be somewhere in the air by then. Yes, thank goodness I didn’t get myself a ticket since I am not sure if it’s totally transferable. If you are lucky enough to be attending it, do send some pictures to me, ya? =)

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