I laid my hands finally on the delicately crafted Lenovo IdeaPad U110 that was couriered from Lenovo a few days back. I didn’t want to rampage through the bag on what’s inside because I wanted to do the customary unpacking photos. So, here you are. The. Unpacking. Photos. On. A. Crumpled. Bedsheet. =P


This is rather unglam, so I will change it at the earliest possible moment.

I am currently out with the IdeaPad and it seems that I would have to get some software installed before it is ready to hit the roads. Some of the things that I can’t go without will be:

  • Microsoft Office – it seemed to be installed but it asked for my licence key… hmmm…
  • Microsoft Visio – need it to make all my flow charts and presentations
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 – for all the photo editing stuffs
  • Windows Live Writer – to blog on the road
  • Windows Live Messenger – to chat on the road
  • DivX + AC3 filter – to watch movies on the road
  • Nokia PC Suite – to connect, backup and be hooked onto the 3G network

Yeah, I guess that’s about it since they already have Norton installed in it.

My first experience with the IdeaPad was electrifying. Literally. Apparently I was able to feel the “current running” on the touch pad, which was rather strange since everything should have been grounded properly. The colours on the flushed screen was radiant and the keys were such a darling to type on. I am also a big fan of touch pads and it’s a nice surprise to have them squeeze in one in the IdeaPad. 

I have not tried the speakers but I have read reviews that it could do better. I am not sure about the battery life yet but at 99%, it still continues to charge and I am not sure if it is bad for the battery in the long run. When all the software are installed, I guess that’s when the real test will come. =) Also, the battery seemed to have contributed a fair bit of weight to the notebook because the IdeaPad is almost feather light without the batter, although this probably doesn’t make any sense. There are some minor aesthetics which are excellent – such as the hidden panel above the keyboard, the LED lights below the screen as well as the intricate design of the laptop, however, there may still be some small parts that need getting used to – like the position of the Fn and Ctrl keys. Yeah, minor stuffs, but the other author at Simply Jean loves it (she’s an IBM fan).

So, while the software is being installed, we are appreciating the nice shiny face, the rubbery texture of the bottom and the smooth reflections on the keyboard.

Do stay tuned.

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