Two of your… ahem, favourite authors =P are away for a mission in India, and it’s quite regrettable that we are only able to post this up because Internet access here is less than ideal. =( We will be away till next Thursday and in the meantime, you will have your other favourite SJ author, Nicole, to cover the events in Singapore for you. She will be covering the F1 race party tonight organized by Chevrolet. Oh man, what a sacrifice… then again, we are in an F1 race of our own while we are away.

Alice and myself are currently away in Hyderabad, India to attend and cover the 13th Human Genome Meeting, a four day event held in the high-tech city of India. This is the first time that we are covering an event in India and we are prepared for some cultural shock. Meanwhile, we will be updating our trip as as soon as we get our Airtel SIM card.

And do stay tuned for Nicole’s covering of the F1 race party by Chevrolet!

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