We got an arrangement to the airport (Noori Travels, MD Ahmad [Mobile 9885566199/9290773572] – may not be the cheapest, but drives like an F1 racer and ensures that you get to your flight on time) and there may be something that first time travellers to Hyderabad should take note of.

Your passport and boarding pass will be checked at the point of entry into the airport. In fact, it will be checked twice before you even enter the airport. Following which, you should look for the big vertical TV that shows you which check-in row you should go to. Before that, do try to do an Internet check-in because that almost always ensures you of a shorter priority queue.

Before joining the queue, a ground staff will hand you the departure form to fill as well as a luggage tag for your carry-in luggage. Note that you will need ONE tag for EACH carry-in luggage, else you are going to have one helluva time after the immigration counter. So, if you have 1 laptop bag, 1 backpack and a camera that you are holding on your hands, you need a total of 3 luggage tags. Remember to fill in the tags when you go in. I didn’t but Alice did, but I got in nonetheless. It’s also a good idea to take out all your metal stuffs and put them either in your back pack or jacket so that it will be easier to clear the body check. Lesser groping, I think.

There’s not much duty free stuffs but you may wish to consider getting the Indian teas. Some of them are quite nice although I can’t say this holds true for everyone. If you need to change currencies, it’s too late to do it at the airport because the rates are ridiculous. In fact, they are so ridiculous that it’ll be better to do it at your destination/home country.

It was a night flight back and that means sleeping on the plane. I don’t usually like night flights nowadays because it means that I will be woken up for supper/breakfast and I will probably not get much sleep anyway. You’ll probably not be able to watch any movies because you may just fall asleep anyway. However, the night flight is the only plane back to Singapore. For those who got earlier flights out of Hyderabad, most of them got transit at Mumbai/Chennai and so they still end up with a night flight anyway.

I must commend the cabin crew for SQ439 / 01 Oct 2008 @ 2350 because I think they did an excellent job in ensuring that everyone is comfortable. But I was so tired that I didn’t have time to fill up the comments forms. I hope there’s some online form laying around.

When I touched down in Singapore, I got my favourite Bailey’s and Vodka (actually, the Vodka came with a free shaker), some wine and some beer (call me for a beer session =) ). When we went to the belt, we thought that our luggage is lost again when the sign for last bag on belt came on. Thankfully we didn’t have to call up our insurance when the luggage finally came.

I got a perfume for my mum as well (even though we are not on regular talking terms) and was served by a Chinese national. Not that I have anything against them, but I like the Singaporean ladies better because they seem to be more committed to their work and know what is good and suitable. I asked this girl if she had Tresor and she said there wasn’t. I had to recall the brand (Lancome) and searched for it myself. Worst, the item was at the wrong shelf with the wrong pricing. I’m not saying that it’s her fault, but I guess putting in some effort instead of hiding behind the counter would have helped a little – at least that had been my experience for my flights thus far.

So here I am, at Terminal 3, waiting for time to pass so that I do not have to pay the 35% peak hour surcharge. Stingy hor? Yes, I know; especially so when electricity just went up 21% in my absence; and with immediate effect too! Like how a Singaporean would put it: Wah piang!

Meanwhile, stay tuned to my (even more) abridged posts for this trip. =) And for a start, the post on getting online in India will probably be a good start. =)

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