Reliving India

Singapore October 8th, 2008

Within minutes of stepping into Starbucks and getting my regular drink, the lights went off in a power trip. This, I assure you, is quite an uncommon phenomenon; at least in Singapore. In no more than 5 minutes later, the lights went off again. Whoops! Another power trip! Hmm… This reminded me of the only time while I was in India that the lights went off. At least only the lights went off. I have heard of horror stories of power adaptors going up in smoke! No kidding! Just that I am not sure if that was in India or China.

In fact, if you are going to be travelling overseas, 3rd, 2nd or 1st world, you may wish to equip yourself with some of the following items:

  • a universal travel adaptor
    • preferably one that has an LED (usually red) to indicate if power is flowing into it; this helps to cut the speculation if any fault lies in the power source or your electronic item
    • preferably one that has a surge protector will be ideal, given that this might happen in any country, regardless of how developed it may be; this may cost more, but hey, nothing beats a burnt laptop
  • a surge protector
    • in the event that you are unable to find a travel adaptor with a surge protector, then you will need an independent surge protector; it may not be easy to find a dedicated surge protector, so those multi-plugs with surge protectors will do just fine
  • an extension cable with a few sockets for all your stuffs
    • it’s best that you try to get those with… yes, surge protectors; I’m probably just being paranoid, but again, it’s best if they come with individual switches and LEDs

These should be able to see u through your journey overseas. The extension cable will be particularly useful because you will get access to hard-to-reach places where the power socket is. In addition, you will not have to carry a travel adaptor for each item. If you do not wish to carry a lot of power adaptors when you go overseas, one way to reduce this is to search for USB cables that can power and charge your electronic item. You have to, however, take into consideration that the maximum output from the USB port is only up to 500mA, and depending the internal design of the motherboard, this 500mA may be split across all USB ports. In short, there’s a risk that your electronic item may not be powered/charged adequately through the USB port.

I hope this had been a good tip for you. Meanwhile, the lights went off again in Starbucks. Working in the dark is fun. =)

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