BBQ Portobello mushroom

Food October 10th, 2008

And just because I am going for a BBQ tonight, served with Chardonnay and Merlot, I am going to present a recipe for making nice grilled BBQ Portobello mushrooms.

Things that you need is simply:

  1. 1 x packet of (about 4 to 8 for 1-2 servings) Portobello mushroom (duh?)
  2. 1 x a few stalks of thyme (those in small stalks, if possible, else, the replacement for this is thyme leaves and a brush [those that the barber use for putting on shaving cream])
  3. 1 x Bottle of extra virgin olive oil (apparently, it’s not enough just to be virgin, must be extra virgin, more virgin than virgin)
  4. 1 x Bottle of Parsley leaves
  5. 2 x Chilli (preferably thinly sliced already, else you have to slice it yourself)
  6. 1 x Lemon (those big ones)

After you have gotten all these from your friendly supermarket, just follow the steps to make nice, delicious grilled Portobello mushrooms:

  1. Cut of the stalks of the mushrooms so that they can be laid flat on the grill
  2. Place them on the grill until the bottom starts turning brown
  3. Meanwhile, get the stalks of thyme and tie them up at the stem-end so that it looks like a small brush
  4. Pound the leaves of the thyme until the leaves fall off (if you didn’t manage to get the thyme stalks, you may use thyme–leaves-in-a-bottle here)
  5. Add some water (about 1 teaspoon) onto the pounded leaves that came off
  6. Add about 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  7. Stir and mix the concoction
  8. Go back to the grill and turn the mushrooms up
  9. Using the thyme stalks/brush, dip into the concoction and apply the mixture evenly on the mushrooms
  10. Turn the mushrooms and apply evenly on both sides
  11. Grill until desired level
  12. Place the mushrooms on a plate
  13. Cut the lemon into halves and give the mushrooms a generous sprinkle of lemon juice
  14. Sprinkle the parley leaves and sliced chilli on the mushrooms
  15. Complete it with a squeeze of extra virgin olive oil on the mushrooms
  16. Tuck in!

You can actually change the concoction in steps 5-6 to anything else you wish. Some add vinegar for that extra tinge. We hope you enjoyed this session of Jean-learns-how-to-cook! =)

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