I had been procrastinating this for ages, but by some chance, I happened to be in Toa Payoh; and by some chance, I thought I’d be in time for the last entry into the registration. I grabbed a cab from Toa Payoh in the middle of nowhere because I didn’t know where the taxi stand is. This is pretty much like the Amazing Race (except that the camera doesn’t cut and asks for 2 extra tickets for the camera crew before resuming filming). The taxi driver sprang into action after seeing how badly swollen my left wrist is. From my elbow, it looks like a baseball bat all the up the hands if I clench my fist.

Actually, I wasn’t really here to see the doctor because of this. It’s because of a disturbing growth on my right wrist (yes, the other wrist) that seems to be getting painful by the day. Then again, I was probably worried that some inflammation on my left wrist would cost me my limb.

Oh well, I can’t make up my mind why I am at the polyclinic.

However, the good thing is that I am here now, and I am really the last patient to register. Someone else came late behind me and didn’t get to register at the machine because it shuts down at 4:15pm sharp – just like how the computers in NTU shut down after multiple warnings and students scramble to save their work – only to realise that they can’t.

Sitting here at the second floor of the polyclinic, I was reminded of my last visit to the polyclinic at Yishun, when I had a digestion problem. I was faced with the prospects of having a scope run down my throat and along my oesophagus but eventually seemed to have solved the problem through the help of a sinseh. Yeah, it’s probably hard to find a science person believing in Chinese medicine… but it does take an experience to know more about it.

*** beep *** my turn to the doctor’s

Waiting time at polyclinics seem to be getting shorter nowadays; or perhaps it’s because I went there quite late. I got a letter to see another doctor at TTSH in November. Possibly for surgery. Sigh. I don’t like knives; and to think that I am going to be the one cutting people up in 6 years’ time. Heh. Irony, isn’t it?

I wondered around quite aimlessly after seeing the doctor. For once, I didn’t know what to do with my time, and I didn’t quite want to go back to my usual routines. I dropped by RC2 but didn’t find familiar faces. However, I did meet Damien on my way out to grab the bus to Marina Square. Yes, I was that lazy; and it didn’t help much that I wasn’t feeling well. Appetite was virtually zero nowadays; and if that isn’t bad enough, my stomach is revolting every now and then.

I basically bumped my whole evening away at Cathay Photos. Looked at the bags, the teleconverters and spoke to the people over there. There’s something about the price tags there, but I think I shouldn’t mention about it. The guys there turned out to be quite friendly and nice people… at least they are, when they are not giving me exorbitant price tags for the things I asked about. =)

I wasn’t able to swallow much food today. Seems to me like the start of stomach flu – from the looks of it. I hope it comes fast and goes fast. It’s been a long time since my evenings are this aimless. Well, then again, I can’t do much without a phone now. Perhaps, that’s the feeling of peace.

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