Personal October 25th, 2008

Well… it started from a really small insect bite – actually, I don’t even know what bit me. Then an itch started and it got a little inflamed. The next thing I know, my entire limb got inflamed and here I am, stuck in the hospital. Without a power supply.

Well, I plugged out the power for the defibrillator – not too sure what it’s there for; and plugged in my laptop power adaptor. *ta-dah* Heh.

Life on the bed is definitely different from life walking around and pretending that I know everything. =P At least, for a moment, it seemed like I will be getting a lot of rest, but sadly, I am not. Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines.

So, what really happened to me? Well, what I thought was a mosquito bite turned out to be really “toxic” and caused my index finger to swell. Then the swelling progressed towards the back of my palm before going to the tip of my finger. By the evening, my entire arm was red and mildly swollen because the infection has gone to the lymph nodes and that’s like sending the bacteria/toxin to the CTE via the Braddell Road slip road. Heh. No need ERP some more.

Hence, it was after much deliberation that I decided to go to the A&E and after 6 hours, they decided best to ward me. I also realised that people who are warded tend not to want it while people who are free to go from the A&E tend to want to stay longer. It’s no feat to guess which group I belonged to.

I had to be put on intravenous drip for a couple of days until the swelling goes down or until the doctors know what’s wrong. Yes, apparently my blood test was “ambiguous” and there’s no clear indication of what’s wrong. The next thing I knew. I was put on every single broad and narrow spectrum antibiotic that’s known to man.

Well, I do hope to get some rest though, since I had been having 3 hours or less sleep for the past few days. However, work is piling up quickly and I can’t wait to finish them all. Sigh. That means work-in-bed.

Editor: Please send all white gold to Alice of Simply Jean

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