Hospitalized: Day 2

Personal October 28th, 2008

Didn’t manage to sleep until pretty late last night. Well, at least according to hospital time since lights off is at 9pm. Dinner was alright yesterday – think it was minced meet with some other stuffs. A friend visited me until it was past the visiting hours, but for some reason, the staff didn’t chase him away. Most staff thought that I am a foreign talent – or at least a foreign student, because I wasn’t accompanied by my family members, which is probably a typical sight in most places.

Breakfast this morning was nice, but the IV drip wasn’t. Yeah. My right hand is swollen from the bite while my left hand is hurting from the IV. It isn’t exactly a nice thing though. Alice drop by some time during lunch with her own food. Hmm… speaking of which, hospital food seems to be getting better – as long as you stick to either the Chinese or Malay menu. The Western one can barely make it, but it’s edible. =)

It’s been a while since I had been in a hospital setting with 5 other people. I preferred the B ward with 6 people because I think I enjoy the company of more people – non-screaming ones, at least. Yeah. There’s at least one other patient in the next section that kept screaming in pain. I really pitied him. I used to think that there’s nothing that morphine can’t do, but perhaps I am wrong.

There’s also a stark difference between the nurses now and the nurses when I was born. I remembered that as a kid, nurses don head dresses and are usually very… senior. There seemed to be no way that a patient can defy a nurse and the head dress in itself seemed like a Captain rank to a new recruit. Nurses nowadays, however, are more friendly, more chatty and joke a little more; which is good to loosen the tension.

Hmm… the IV insert is beginning to hurt and I wonder how long more my veins can take it before it starts turning red and bursting. Sigh…

Anyway, the same friend visited me again in the evening and brought with him more Qian4 Bian3 Wen4 Da2 Ti2 to amuse me. Heh. Nothing beats a cold joke to bring my attention away from the pain on my left and right hands. In the meantime, Alice had to… ahem, borrow the power plug from another bed by plugging of his defibrillator.

Heh. Of course, I am kidding. The bed’s empty.

The Western food dinner was so-so, but not too bad. I might have preferred Chinese food, but it could be worse. =P So, I should just count my blessings for edible food since as far as I can remember, it’s better than the last hospital food. Oh, did I mention it’s prepared by the same company that does your airline food? =P

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