Hospitalized: Day 3

Personal October 28th, 2008

It’s almost been like a holiday camp if not for the drip that hangs from the side of my bed. I slept past midnight yesterday, but it had been a good sleep. The only thing I remembered was the doctor waking me up at 7am to tell me that I can be home after the antibiotics’ done. Erm… I would have thought that I’d be home today, but it turned out otherwise. Sigh.

Today turned out to be a rather quiet day. No visitors and all. Then again, it’s a reflection of how little, or no friends I have. And again, perhaps I like it this way. It’s quite pointless to trouble people to visit you in hospital. It wastes their time and they might not know what to talk to you about.

Today happened to be a rather gloomy day as well and it rained slightly in the afternoon. I like the smell of rain somehow. It relaxes and freshens me up a little. Of course, i won’t say the same for the visitors to the Istana, which is open to the public since it’s Deepavali today. Speaking of which…


Hmm… not too sure if that made sense. I always get confused with race and religion and am often not too sure if a festival is celebrated by people of a certain race of if it’s celebrated by people of a certain religion. It’s just like Chinese New Year and Christmas. Everyone just celebrates regardless of race, language or religion, but I am sure it helps to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation!

Sorry for the rattling. Staying in hospital makes your mind wander more than it should.

Yes, so day 3 is rather quiet. So quiet that I ended up on a spending spree on clubsnap – not a good thing, I tell you. I probably bought a whole bunch of useless things that I am going to sell of at the end. Consolation is, they are bought second hand price and I hope I can still sell them at the same price later. =P

Alice came during dinner… after my dinner. Dinner was coney dog for me, with meat sauce on the side. It tasted… ok, but I had to dip the corney dog into the sauce. In the end, I gave up and just ate the bread, then the hot dog, then the corn in the vegetable sides and left the onion soup for Alice. I am not a great fan of onion soups. =P

Today, Alice brought a 3-pin plug along and so there was no need to deprive someone of his or her defibrillator. Heh… and we spent most of our time searching for stuffs on clubsnap. Sure, it’s cheap little things but it may just add up if we are not careful. If you are wonder, we follow the 2/3 rule – that all used stuffs should be at most 2/3 of their new counterparts – and be of condition 10/10. Ngiao hor? Ya, I know. =) I am a poor student.

So basically, that’s what we did the rest of the evening – surfing the net. Then again, if not, there’s nothing much we can do except staring at each other, which is not exactly very healthy. So yeah, and I didn’t manage to inform people that I won’t be home tonight. Oh well, no one will miss me any way. =)

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