I would have been writing about something on euthanasia, but since it’s just going to be less than 24 hours before we know who will rule America, I thought I would just give my count here.

I think Obama will win. Definitely, without a doubt. Uh-uh. Not even a single doubt, not even a single speck of dust on a black board.

I mean, it’s so obvious, isn’t it?

Just a trivia, the Democrats are typically economically driven while the Republicans tend to look inwards. George Bush is a Republican and concentrates a lot on how to get rid of weapons of mass destruction and bring about world peace; although there are people thinking that it’s because of the oil.

The Democrats tend to look at economic activities, and at a down turn like now, it’s probably a good choice to look at a Democrat instead of a Republican because there is a chance that the Republican will just incur more debts in beefing up their military.

Well, Obama is a Democrat while McCain is a Republican, so who do you think will win? No doubt, the people of the United States deserve a change.

Anyway, on a separate note, I saw MM Lee this afternoon. He seems to be quite well and able and was apparently here at Raffles City for some event. Well, I had to go off first, and so didn’t get to see much of him. A pity I didn’t get his car number, else it will be a good time to buy 4D. =)

Yup, that’s about all from me. I guess it’s just a bimbotic moment that I decided to write this post. =P

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