The original plan was for the teams to race it out at Sepang with their Chevys until the last man survive and emerge as the winner of the Chevrolet Driveaway. Nay, of course this is not entirely true. The real plan was actually for everyone to participate in the Sepang F1 race where the karts can go up to 80km/h on a real replica of the Sepang race track.

Just that no one is going to lay their hands on the 80km/h version.

Instead, everyone will be assigned a go-kart that can go up to 25km/h to compete 5 rounds on a replica of the Sepang tracks. The 10 best go-karters will then get together to compete for the first to cross the line. And the prize for this?

A $1 million dollar cash as the carrot.

A $60 limited edition cash card from Pioneer.

Well, they definitely don’t want to promote speeding as a way of life and the token is merely… a token of appreciation for risking our lives and limbs to make the race spectacular for the rest of the Chevy audience.

Following the race, we were supposed to be back by 4:30pm for a telematch. That, didn’t happen because everyone was late and dead beat by the time we returned to the hotel. At least that gave us enough time to prepare for the pirate themed dinner. Heh heh.

8:30am: We gathered to prepare for the trip to the race track. At first, we thought it was some small go-kart place. But when we started the drive, we realised it wasn’t to the small, teeny, wheeny go-kart track just outside the hotel. It was the one just next to the Sepang race track just next to the real one near KLIA!


However, before we set off, one of the Chevys had a punctured tired. I am not sure, but I thought that’s a GM staff helping to change the tire. Heh. If it were my car that broke down, I will be terribly lost at what to do. Speaking of which, I had been looking at cars recently, and one of the cars that I saw came with only a tire repair kit – enough to last me to the mechanics. Hmm… now, if it were in Malaysia, over a weekend, I think I am going to have a big problem getting the repair kit to last long enough.

Then again, to be fair, it was the parallel import version that came with a repair kit.

Anyway, to keep with the schedule, we proceed to the Sepang Tracks which was really near KLIA… and VERY FAR from Port Dickson.


Moving as a convoy gives a very nice feeling… that we won’t get lost (or at least if we do, then we are ALL lost). There’s no longer that mad race for time like how it was like in Day 1. I may be a competitive person, but having to compete every single day is not my cup of tea. Heh.


Soon, we hit the highways again…


And the long, windy, hilly road…


Across many, many plantations…


Before we see a familiar sign…


And finally… Sepang Circuit! Woohoo!


10:30am: Before we do any serious racing, all of us have to sign to give our lives away should anything happen. Heh. Then again, my life is hardly worth a single cent and I readily signed it. Even though it’s just the go-kart version, every driver was given strict instructions on the dos and don’ts on the race track. We were supposed to drive carefully and not as if our lives depending on the winnings.


Each kart had a timer which gets turned on the moment we cross the starting line, and our lap times are recording onto the microcomputer on the kart. This explains why the last person won’t be disadvantaged when doing a time lap and is last in the line.


Everything looked like the real thing, minus the pit stop. There was also an ambulance on standby just in case anyone gets into serious trouble.


And the race begins! It’s kinda fun being an F1 photographer – because given the wrong settings, it is almost impossible to get a good picture. Even though they are travelling only at 25kmh, it seemed very much faster. I think it’s probably because I was very near to the tracks itself.

There were altogether about 5 races from which the top 10 were gathered for a first-to-cross-the-line race. I made it to the top 10 and was the only girl to be in it! Haha… that in itself is actually quite intimidating because I had to race against 9 other guys! Not to mention the pressure to do well… even though it’s just a mock race.

I started off first for the first 3 lapse but my kart went turtle was out of control at one of the bends and turned 360 degrees. Thankfully, 2 karts came from behind and knocked my kart back into position. Running 3rd, I cut bends like there was no tomorrow… and contrary to believes, I did make use of the brakes. Actually, I drifted a fair bit when cutting bends and corners and used my weight to counter the “G-force”. Heh. Eventually, the 2nd person lost control of his kart and I came in second overall.


Heh. An F1 moment. =P


Finally, we got together for a photo taking session in front of the Sepang Circuit wordings. It’s quite a nice feeling to be able to gather together for an enjoyable time of interaction; even though it was all done under the hot sun!

12:30pm: It was time for lunch and all of us proceeded to the nearly city in KL for a quick lunch. I have totally no idea where we went, but it was so full of traffic lights! In fact, there was a traffic junction at almost every 100m! Oh well.


The shopping mall was modern and seemed rather crowded – given the quiet streets outside. I went to Carrefour in an attempt to get more stuffs for the pirate dress up tonight. But didn’t get much. In fact, I got a free plastic bag… because the security insisted on bagging up my camera so that I won’t be able to take any photos while in the hypermart.

Oh well.

And oh, if it seems like there was lack of photos here, my camera was at low-battery level and I was afraid that I won’t be able to get more photos for the telematch (which was eventually cancelled). In the end, I didn’t get to do much at the shopping mall.

Lunch was free and easy again and I had some Briyani. Hmm… nothing compared to the ones from Hyderabad. Heh.

4:30pm: By the time we reached the hotel, it was already past the time for the telematch. I think everyone was tired and so it was cancelled. For me, I pigged in the room while Alice was eyeing at the setting sun. Yes… picture time.


We did manage to get some pretty good shots of the setting sun, which I must say, is really nice and romantic. Port Dickson is probably a good getaway for couples who want a nice and romantic weekend amidst a busy schedule back in Singapore.


And for photography buffs, your imagination is the limit. Kekeke… Nice right? *shameless*

7:30pm: We eventually started dressing for the dinner. Actually, we didn’t really dress much. What we did was just to put on white long sleeve shirts and jeans and hoped that we looked pirate-y enough. Heh. Alice then came up with this idea to use the table towels to wrap our heads with it. Oh well. Didn’t look quite nice, so I am not going to put it up. Heh heh.

But I thought Clarence did quite a good job dressing up as a pirate. Heard that the costume cost him $60 or something. Heh… handsome pirate right?


Heh. Yeah, so Clarence was the Pirate Head while Alice and myself were the kah-kiahs. =P


The dinner was very well-attended with everyone dressing up as a pirate or someone that seemed to resemble a pirate. Apparently, there was news that guys who didn’t come in a pirate costume will be subjected to a stun equivalent to walking on the plank.

And walked the plank they did.


I am going to post a picture so small that you won’t be able to recognise them and subject them to public ridicule. But yes, those we failed to come dressed like a pirate ended up having to dress like ladies to accompany the pirates. Haha. Ok lah, I think everyone took it with a pinch of salt. However, a prize was given to one of the “ladies”… not for the best dressed lady, but for the one who has the most armpit hair! Aikes!

Prizes were also given out for various other stuffs… like the first person to down 2 glasses of draft beer, the teams that won the treasure hunt, as well as other games that were held during the race and the dinner. It was quite fun and everyone was pretty sporty… especially the 3 guys who accepted the “punishment” of not coming dressed like a pirate! Haha…

And oh, it was also 2 persons’ birthday too! And as they came out, we didn’t know if the birthday cake would have been ready. Luckily, as they were speaking, the cake came out from the kitchen. Heh. Talk about being fresh from the oven!


So nice right? Too bad my birthday was too early.

Soon after, it was time for everyone to go back. Club 212 (beer drinking session in room 212) continued as they bought 1 entire crate of beer. I think it’s going to be a late night for everyone tonight.


As for the

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