Day 3 marks the end of the Chevrolet driveaway. It had been a fun 2 days so far and I am beginning to miss the fun already. Alice and myself had initially wanted to catch the morning sun, but I guess after 5 glasses of beer, that was close to impossible. We were just thankful that we didn’t get to miss the breakfast as well.


Just before we drive off, we had wanted to take a group photo… but! There was a banner at the entrance of the resort and it was WRONG BRANDING! So, we went into the lobby to have our group photo taken. Too bad I didn’t have any photos of it because we were all apparently in a rush of sorts. But…


I do have a picture of the MC giving short instructions on the way back to Singapore. =)

We had lunch at Sea View Seafood Village, which was pretty good food, save for the crab, which was a tough case to crack. Literally.


From here, we were given last words and instructions before everyone proceed individually for the remaining of their journey. The view outside the restaurant was quite good though. Heh.


Anyway, it turned out that the journey back was just as an eye-opener. Clarence showed what the car could do when he rammed it up to 170km/h! 170! Any of the cars that I used to drive would have taken off been reduced to a royal rumble!


Evidence of it here. Heh. 170!!! Can you believe it?

Anyway, since it was a long way drive – 250km of it to be exact, I took some photos that I thought is worth sharing. =)

DSC_0138 DSC_0186

DSC_0175 DSC_0201

Something about the pictures. That yellow coloured Aveo5… kept staying ahead of us. I am almost convinced that it’s not usually the car that can’t perform, but it’s the driver. She’s one helluva driver man. And oh, the bikee, he’s none other than our advance party throughout the trip – making sure that we are not lost. Kudos to him too.

As for the road signs, the 110km/j is probably something you will never get to see in Singapore and the wind thingie sign… no idea what that’s for. Haha… my best guest: strong winds ahead; beware of drifting. Heh.

Definitely looking forward to Chevrolet’s next driveaway 2009… and hoping that we’d still be invited. =)

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