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Personal December 21st, 2008

The big day today! Woohoo! Besides Rinaz’s wedding, it’s also the day that I finally move all my stuffs to the warehouse! Yes, after dragging my feet for 2 whole months, I have finally moved all my stuffs to the warehouse storage. Actually, the truth is that, it’s almost 200 bucks to store these stuffs per month, and it’s rather silly to just move them in early and waste monthly fees on it.

Well, now I have a $200 overhead every month, which effective brings my monthly earnings into deficit levels. Hmm, perhaps I should start a sale and sell off my wines and alcohols at cheap, low prices… to the tunes of $10 for a bottle of Absolut Vodka and perhaps $5 for a Gordon Bleu. Oh well.

And yes, we watched Yes Man after Rinaz’s wedding today. It was a rather impromptu decision because I just realised that 18th December had just passed and that Yes Man is showing in cinemas now. Thanks to DK’s HP laptop, and his Internet connection, I became the “counter girl” and we got 8 people to join us for the movie. Yuhui could have joined us for the movie, not for the fact that only second row seats are left, and that the next movie started at 12:20am.

We settled for the later show in the end because we didn’t want to risk breaking our necks.

The show is actually quite funny; then again, so are most of movies with Jim Carrey in it.

*spoiler alert*

He works at a bank as a junior loans officer who was convinced to go for some motivational talks that coerced him into entering a “covenant” with himself of saying “Yes” for every opportunity that arose. With this new formed covenant, he started approving micro loans that eventually got him promoted to work with the big boys in Corporate level. It was also through this that he got to know a new girl who would become his new girl friend. However, he became obsessed with saying “Yes” to everything that he just ended himself up in some very funny situations.

The show is hilarious and is probably enjoyable for a  good laugh. The motivational talk somehow reminded me of some church services that I have attended, but that’s another story. And oh, if you are going for the show, please stay till the credits are shown half way. 🙂

Yes, that’s about it for Saturday. Since Plaktoz used to complain that my blog entries are too long, I will probably start splitting up all my entries. See? I listen to my readers 😛

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