And this happened to one of my friends.

So, what happened was, he/she (hereafter “he”) invested with some company and was promised returns within a certain duration. When the returns didn’t come in, he made noise and was told that there would be a delay. Obviously (in this story), the delay was never ending and he tried to contact the persons-in-charge but to no avail. As a last resort, he made a police report.

Well, many months later, he was shocked to receive a Letter of Demand (hereafter “LOD”) from the lawyers representing the organization that he has:

  1. acted in a manner that is threatening and embarrassing to their client
  2. defamed their client
  3. trespassed their client’s compounds
  4. extorted money from their client

The first thing that came to my mind was… some major leading organization!!!

I thought my friend had invested in some “investments” and that since they have since gathered every now and then at some hidden corners, they have effectively acted in a threatening manner that is also embarrassing to the organization. It was also reported that the organization has misrepresented the bonds and so it sounded like defamation. At the same time, some of them may have gathered at the organization’s headquarters which is also considered trespassing.

Last but not least, their demand for compensation is akin to extortion. I mean… they invested money knowing the risks… how can they ask back for money down the drain right? Isn’t that extortion? How can the investors do that? It’s investment risk wat!

So, which organization is it?

If you are thinking of some major, leading banks in Singapore… then you might hear something like this…

*changes to Singlish mode*

Wah piang eh. You mean I invest with the bank, I cannot make noise meh? Make noise will kill them meh? Come on lah, the bank take away my entire savings, I cannot make a bit of noise ah? They say I embarrass them, then I lagi worse wat. I embarrassed until no where to hide my face liao. So, we gather at some corners to make noise also cannot ah? Like that call threatening meh? Please lor… And then hor, it’s clearly their fault for not explaining the products clearly to me wat. What defame? No mah… no defame wat. They say “good, ok, no problem”, then I invest lor… so now they saying not their fault and that I have defamed them ah? No such things wat.

And also hor, we where got trespass on their compounds? If we don’t go there, then go where? Make telephone calls ah? No mah. I make 1 call already have to wait 20 minutes. If 100 people make calls, their phones how can take it? So of course we go down lah! Wah piang! Like that also call trespass ah? Then I walk into other banks just to look see look see also called trespass lah!

Then hor, I invested money because they say little or no risk mah! Wah piang! Wa bo tak chek mah… le gai wa gong simi, wa jiu siang xin ah mi. Le mai ga wa gong simi jiao *** beep beep beep beep ***. Le *beep beep beep beep beep beep*.

So now, they lost some money liao then want us investors to pay some more ah? Wah piang eh. Where got such things one? They bank or loan shark ah? You tell me lah!

Well, thankfully, whatever bank that you are thinking of, it’s not that bank. For the record, it’s not any major organizations. Yes, so having looked at the letter of demand, it does seem like

  1. The organization got people to invest with them
  2. The organization probably ran into some problems with their investments (as with all investment risks)
  3. The organization somehow didn’t convey that message properly to their investors
  4. The investor(s) got pissed put off
  5. The investor(s) tried to seek for an explanation
  6. The investor(s) tried to contact the people in the organization
  7. The organization got defensive
  8. The organization shoot their investors on their feet

Yes, right. So if I were to own an organization today, I will look for investors and after their have invested their thousands or tens or hundreds of thousands with me, I shoot them in their feet by sending them letters of demand to ask for more money.

People in that organization should take up a course on managing their investors and on doing PR. Unless of course… it’s a Ponzi scheme gone wrong. =)

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