Yeah, after a pretty long hiatus, I have returned. Well, not that I’ve really been away, but 2008 had been a really hectic year! 2009 will be an even more hectic year, but I’m trying to prioritize things so that there will be time for everything.

First of all, I’d like to wish all my blog readers a Happy New Year! This New Year’s eve had been a little different from previous years – where I usually find a good spot to capture the best of the countdown fire works. Instead, I had decided to RSVP to a corporate invitation to spend New Year’s Eve at Clarke Quay. This is probably the first New Year’s eve with almost nothing organized within my usual group of friends and bloggers – with some of them having found new halves to hang out with, while others suffered from PMS (both the male and female versions) which will result in very little turnout for any even – if organized at all.

I have also turned down an inaugural invitation to be part of a Bloggers’ Resident Program (BRP) cos’ Simply Jean is already currently writing for NHB’s, which at most times, is easily quite demanding given the need to crack her brains for newer places to explore and more ancient things to write about. While there’s a risk that NHB’s programme will be canned anytime soon, moving on to another BRP might not always be the good solution, since it takes away attention from this blog.

2008 had been a good year as Simply Jean was nominated in 2 blog awards –’s and’s. Quite obviously, nothing was won but the campaigning period had been pretty interesting. However, with strong contenders like, and the likes, it’s a little difficult to come on par. Some might argue that blogging is not about winning awards, but well, some fun won’t kill, will it? 🙂

2008 is also the year that Simply Jean had been referenced several times in the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. 2 blog entries – particularly the one on Pedra Branca and another on Li Hongyi brought more eyeballs to this blog, however, nothing beats this. Ever. Then again, probably different “market” 😛

So, what’s installed in 2009? Well, I guess that depends indirectly on how many of such events happen. Of course, this reminds of something that someone once asked me, “Isn’t Simply Jean an anti-establishment?”. Well, I am not sure what made people think this way,, but I’d think that Simply Jean is just a, quote-unquote, Kao Beh blog, according to someone who’s into the real political scene. In fact, this person was surprised that I even sang the national anthem!

So, what’s a good way to start the new year? Well, I’m not too sure, but for the first time, I tried the Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappacino but just short of getting their Espresso Passport. Fortunately, or unfortunately, today is the last day that the Toffee Nut Frappie will be served, but fret not! It will be back by this Christmas. Yes, the one in 2009. =S

Lastly, before I end this entry, I would be going for the Bloggers Calendar’s Launch which will be held latter at SMU’s Ice Cold B at 6:30pm. Yes, some of the bloggers joked about an autograph session, but… nay, it’s probably just another excuse to get together. And oh, if you have not/decided not to purchase the calendar, I think you can still download your copy here.

Meanwhile, have a good new year! 🙂

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