The attacker of MP Seng Han Thong, an ex-cabby, had been charged in court today in a district court. He had apparently crept up on Mr Seng and poured thinner on him before setting him ablaze with a starter gun. If convicted, he may be jailed for life.

This drew mixed comments from many people within and out of the blogosphere. Some thought that there would be bias in sentencing him, while others thought that he should be locked up back into the institute (of mental health). However, most agree that this kind of violent action should not have been tolerated.

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A FORMER cabby, Ong Kah Chua, 70, was charged in a district court on Monday with two counts of grievously hurting the MP for Yio Chu Kang and the chairman of the constituency’s temple.

Ong Kah Chua, 70, allegedly poured a bottle of thinner and torched Mr Seng Han Thong, 59, at Yio Chu Kang Community Club at about noon on Sunday.

He is similarly accused of causing grievous hurt to Mr Aw Chui Seng, 69, chairman of Chu Sheng Temple.

Ong’s case was the first to be brought up in court at 8.50am.

Clad in a white T-shirt and dark blue bermudas and wearing slippers, he had complained in Hokkien of pain in the left ankle because of the shackles just before court started.

He asked the policemen around if they could be loosened a bit.

Ong, who is blind in the left eye, was remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric examination.

If convicted, he can be jailed for up to life or up to 15 years and liable to fine. Because of his age, he cannot be caned.

He will be back in court on Jan 23

Source: Straits Times Interactive,

Article extracted on 12th January 2009

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