It’s always nice to write about non-political stuffs. I am threading on safe grounds and can probably compliment (or slam) a product as much as I want. Yes, I am talking about technology posts.

Microsoft has slated it’s latest operating system – the Windows 7, to be released within this year – the same time as it’d be released in the US. For once, I am looking forward to the release of the new OS because the current one is almost unbearable.

First, the memory leaks and is left as it is until I *manually* release the memory by terminating the apparently resident application via Task Manager. Even then, the computer seems to be running out of memory every now and then. Mind you, I have 4 GB of RAM installed, but to be fair, I open many windows as well.

Aero was nice, but eats up memory as fast as DK eats up a BK burger (or a Carls Junior Burger when he doesn’t feel like eating anything that sounds like his initials). So, Aero is probably only good for the first few days or weeks, following which, many would have turned it off. This is quite unlike the Mac OS which has totally fabulous interface. What I wanted to say is that Mac OS FTW, but I think “FTW” is overrated and overused.

I hope the Internet Explorer is nothing like IE7, or IE8 Beta for that matter since both have memory leak problems – amongst a whole list of other things. I do hope that when a dialog window pops up (e.g. Browse for a file, Browse for a location to save a file, etc.), I will be able to do Shift-Tab and key in the starting alphabet to go to a particular sub-folder. Currently, I am not quite sure what it does.

While Hibernation seems to work so far, I hope they will be able to keep it steady. Asking me to shut down/reboot every time I end my work for the day may not always be possible because I sometimes do not really want to open up all my files again and not every program supports a Workspace feature. So yes, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, please. “Standby” has been fantastic so far, so I really hope they don’t do a Kamikaze on it.

Everything else seems ok – as long as it doesn’t involve the GUI. Aero, again, doesn’t seem to work, unless – I suspect, I have 16 GB of RAM. Then again, it may not be sufficient if the OS is leaky. Everything else is good, but I hope they OS is backward compatible with device drivers. That, is usually a headache.

Having said that, I hope Mac OS releases an OS for other non-Mac machines. Jail break versions don’t count since *a lot* of patching is usually required. However, they are probably pretty fun to use while it lasts.

In the history of Microsoft Operating Systems, those that I’d dare say makes the mark will include the first ever Windows 3.11 with Workgroup, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows XP. Everything else in between doesn’t work that well and sometimes seem to screw up the system. Windows Vista seems to be one such version. I was tempted to get the Ultimate version, but I think I will hold my horses and just wait for Windows 7.

I do not usually dive into new operating systems (it took me months before I got onto Windows Vista – and that’s because it came together with my notebook and there was no release of Windows XP on it), but the Vista is unusually bad (somewhat like Windows ME) that I am desperate to get out of it.

I hope Microsoft did their Gantt Chart correctly. =)

Windows 7 here this year

By Chua Hian Hou

MICROSOFT’S upcoming computer operating system, Windows 7, will be available to Singapore users here at the same time as it is launched in the United States.

The software giant’s Windows software runs on most of the world’s computers, and Microsoft has promised that the new version will be faster and more efficient than its predecessor, Vista.

Vista has been slammed for being overly taxing on computers resources. Third party reviews of test or ‘beta’ versions of Windows 7, by sites like ZDNet, have reaffirmed this.

Microsoft senior director for its business and marketing organisation Haresh Khoobchandani declined to say how much Windows 7 will cost, or if it will also extend its ‘technology guarantee’ programme to Windows 7. With previous operating systems, Microsoft offered consumers who bought computers a few months before the launch of a new operating system a free upgrade to the new software.

That said, Microsoft ‘will not jeopardise the customer experience’, said Mr Khoobchandani. Windows 7 will be launched within the year.

Source: Straits Times Interactive,

Article extracted on 14th January 2009

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