A Date with Lenovo

Blogosphere February 14th, 2009

A few days ago, I was honored to be invited by Derrick to the Lenovo blogger night (Thanks Derrick). It is a small and cozy event, in which 5 models of Lenovo laptops were being showcased.

Being an age old Thinkpad user since the Thinkpad 560 days, one lone model immediately caught my attention. It is the gigantic 17″ W700, which closely resembles the classic Thinkpad product line.

However, W700 and W700ds is not customized for the usual office-based business clientele who goes for lighter weight laptops. It is specially customized for the niche group of users who requires portability, uses intensive amount of graphics, and requires high computational power. This group of users commonly work as graphics & animation designers and virtual reality & three dimensional researchers.

The W700 and W700ds are powerful machines, whose performance are comparable to server machines, but with the additional feature of portability. The W700 contains 2 cores (Intel Core 2 Extreme processor X9100, 3.06GHz 1GHz 6MB), while the W700ds contains 4 cores (Intel Core 2 Quad Core Extreme processor QX9300, 2.53GHz 1GHz 12MB).

It also boast a top of the line NVIDIA GPU graphics card (NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700 1GB), which allows programming using CUDA and is SLI frame rendering supported. For researchers in graphics, this GPU graphics card will feel like water to the fishes. It is their usual cutting-edge tools that they use day in and out.

Notable additional useful features include WACOM Digitizer, Pantone Color Sensor and 17″ wide inch which are useful to designers. Moreover, being a laptop, means that it is portable, and can be brought out for demonstration. Hmm, now I wonder if I will get my chance to lay my hands on a permanent one… Will my school be getting one? Hmm…

By Alice Cheong

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