Ok, I might be late on this, but while going on a following frenzy on Twitter (while Plurk was down; sorry Twitter, I will respect you more from now onwards), I saw, guess what? “StarhubCares” on Twitter! They had been replying to questions from fellow Twits like myself on their issues and to a certain extend, doing some real-time troubleshooting of a smaller scale!

I am not sure if this is a Starhub initiative, but I say, “Well done, Starhub!” at least for one thing – making yourself available through one more channel. Well, at least the social media channel. We all hear about big companies jumping onto the bandwagon where their marketing is concern and where their bottom lines are the measure of the efficacy of the social media, but this, I tell you, is really what plugging themselves into the social media scene is all about – making yourself (or rather, the company) available through social media (networks) and engaging with the people in it not just for the sales and marketing, but for the support as well.

Heading this account is a particular Ian McKee (according to the bio) who is “(t)here to join the conversation and help with your StarHub questions”. An Internet search returns results that seemed to relate a certain Ian McKee, CEO and Chief Strategist for Volcanic, “a company that specialises in Identifying Influencers and crafting strategies to engage and activate them to launch word of mouth campaigns for clients such as Heineken, StarHub, Citibank, Discovery and Adobe”.

Of course, I’d think a CEO has more things to do than to sit in front of the Twitter page. In fact, the replies seem to be rather spontaneous to be him anway. Then again, it may just be a case of mis-identity.

If Starhub is going to sustain this in the long run, I think they will gather more supporters like myself who has been with Starhub for the longest time (since the days of Cyberway?). I will definitely be keeping an eye on this. 🙂

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