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Singapore April 14th, 2009

So much has been written about the recent “fiasco” (or what ST seemingly made it to be) that I would probably refer you to here and here to get in tune of what’s happening. If you ask me, I think…

Everyone is over reacting.

No doubt a few of them are allegedly/seemingly against the idea of repealling Section 377A; or that some of them believe in Christ (and are hence fundamentalists???), but I somehow feel that, in my personal opinion, everyone is overreacting and seemingly putting relationships where they probably do not exist.

Having held on to, or currently still holding on to “leadership positions ” in a couple of societies, the “fear” (if I can even term it as one) of having other members running for office and garnering a lot of support and hence “taking over the entire committee” is very real. As a matter of fact, I have heard, first hand, from my previous President of one of the societies that a member had joined the society with a lot of friends, got all of them to vote for her and did nothing during her office.

Now, doing absolutely nothing during a Presidential term is probably more fearful than having someone “unfamiliar” take over. Essentially, this wastes not just everyone’s time, but results in wasted opportunities – but I will keep this for another day.

So, what do I have to say about the “new women on the block”? I’d say, well, they fought hard for it (in a sense) and have either mixed around really well during their short term of membership or have really went all out to garner support. In this case, they should show us what they have got and not let whatever that the past teams of AWARE have built be put to waste. Of course, if they want to change the Constitution, impose more rules, and change their direction – that is probably their prerogative now. They can even change from an “all-inclusive” to “ours-exclusive” stance if they wish to. Afterall, an ineffective society will just die by itself. What’s wasted is the effort that’s been put into making people… more aware of it now 🙂

And oh, someone mentioned that this is happening now because AWARE supported the repeal of Section 377A and that someone has to be put there to put things right? Nay. Nothing is stopping the current group of members from coming out and starting their own group all over again. Afterall, if they have supporters, it doesn’t matter if they are AWARE or simply A-MARE, does it?

Now, does it seem that this post is full of disclaimers? 🙂

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