For some reasons, my lab mate got hold of a CD of classical music pieces (and it’s not pirated) where many of the all time favourites like Symphony No. 4, William Tell Overture and Piano Concerto No. 5 were compiled onto a single CD. Yes, this means not having to search through all my CDs and burning a separate piece just for my personal enjoyment. Then again, I am probably too lazy to do so…

I will probably not mind a trip to NUS just to listen to their Symphony Orchestra play/practice a piece or too, but then again, these are not places that you can just walk in as and when you feel like.

By some sheer luck (and knowing lots of people), I came to know of a concert that NUS Symphony Orchestra will be playing in… if you are thinking classical pieces, you are in for a BIG SURPRISE!!!

Tomorrow (19th June 2009, Friday), NUS Symphony Orchestra is actually going to play for Video Games Live! Yes! The series of sold-out concerts that had been happening around the world! Now, I am not sure if NUS *did* play for the other concerts, but I thought it’d be rather interesting to have NUS Symphony Orchestra playing video game pieces! Think – Super Mario, Final Fantasy and Warcraft (?!) Now, I am really not sure which pieces they will be playing, but I was definitely awed by the following video I found on Youtube:

Now, of course we are not looking at a One-Man-Orchestra!!! But I thought it’d be amazing to listen to these video game pieces being played by an entire Orchestra! And I heard that the Choir will be there too (although I am not sure what they will be singing)! So, if you would like to re-live the days of Super Mario Bros (again, I am not sure which pieces they are playing) or to indulge in your kids’ games (now now, I don’t have parents visiting this site, do I?) do go down to the concert tomorrow!


Yes, it’s happening tomorrow, 19th June 2009 @ The Singapore Indoor Stadium. There’s still time to go get your tickets from the Stadium Box Office or at all SISTIC outlets! This is a one day performance and there’s no knowing when they will return again… (and the pieces may not be the same any more). Yes, go book your tickets now and don’t even bother checking them out at because the tickets may not be there any more! 😛

See ya!

PS: And oh yes, you enjoy discounts if you are a gamer student! 🙂

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