Today, I am feeling a little… “generous” (I’d have used the word “magnanimous”, but the word is a little too over-bearing for me). I have decided not to commence on a civil suit against Nokia (but still reserve my rights to do so). You see, I sent a phone in to their service centre and told them specifically not to update the firmware because I know for sure that they will erase every single thing there is on the phone. This was even made black-and-white on the collection slip that was given to me – that the firmware will not be upgraded. For a start, Nokia does not have fantastic services. I mean, sometimes they are good; but most of the time, they are quite bad, to say the least.

Anyway, I collected the phone a few days later and lo and behold, the phone’s firmware was updated. In fact, the service representative at the counter even though me so. Apparently, no one reads whatever is on their job sheet. In fact, the manager and the head of department even waved it off as being routine work and that it’s not really the fault of the engineer. Of course, they finally admitted that it’s negligence but it’s probably because the evidence against them was too glaring.

Nonetheless, Nokia doesn’t seem to have a good sense of PR. Apparently it’s not the first time they have put their customers off. I had been a Nokia fan for many years and if this goes on, I might just jolly well take on another phone (any suggestions?). It’s also little wonder that they suffered a fiscal loss this year (or quarter?); but unless they do an overall revamp of their service level, the whole situation may just get worse.

Of course, with this post, their PR agencies may see me as being anti-Nokia and never invite me to any launch events again. Of course, Nokia can take this as being constructive and look into how their service centres (ironically “care centres” who do not really care at all about their customers). Now, did anyone remember the time that a lady had to get a court subpoena to get her refund back?

I rest my case 🙂