It rained and stormed over Saturday (and hence hindering my Halloween plans), but it didn’t stop the INQ event from going on…

… well, because it was held indoors 😛 Seriously, I thought it would be held outside, under the huge tent where it’s really hot and humid in the day. As it turns out, there was an event there about breasts. Breast cancer to be exact.

Anyway, I was down at Plaza Singapura and caught the event there. They invited people from the crowd to participate in games and most of them (if not all) walked away with great prizes! And it was just a simple memory game where they had to piece a picture together – very much like a jigsaw puzzle with a twist.

However, I didn’t get to catch the stars who were supposed to be there in the evening. Sigh.

So, did you manage to go down and catch the event? Yeah, the contest games were open for everyone and even though they were distributing pamphlets, it was nothing like the one that was given out here last week.

And if you missed it, but still want to get one, have no worries! Because…


Click on it to print out the full-size voucher

Tada! The promotions have been extended. Now, you do not even have to go down to the event location because this can be redeemed at all Hello! Singtel shops!

So yeah, don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to get your hands on one of the most connected (and in my opinion, value for money) phones; especially if you are a techie like me.

But you have to hurry soon though, cos the promotion ends 30 November 2009 🙂 And oh, do send me a tweet/plurk when you get yours!

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