No, I don’t “chiong”. But I would really love to invite you to an exclusive World AIDS Day Singapore event that is happening on 5th December 2009 at the Supperclub Singapore. Actually I don’t really know where it is or how it is like, but I think it’s perhaps some cool place where people gather and chat and eat .

As with all other 1,236,309 contests there are, there’s always a “deadline” and a “quiz”. So, here’s the deal. I’d need you to tell me if you would use this (and why, if possible):

Go on and click on it 🙂 Of course, watch your back first… It’s not NSFW, but still…

You can either comment in this post, or click here if you do not wish to let others know what your answer is 😉 And how long more will this giveaway last? Well, it’s about this number of days more:

Which is actually the number of days left to World AIDS Day! So, do send in your answers quick so that I can give away all 5 pairs of tickets to an awesome event to commemorate World AIDS Day, to be aware of what HIV/AIDS is and to to support people living with HIV.

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