I was going through my daily doses of tech information when I came across this. If you have dreamt of having bodily vital stats displayed like a Heads-Up Display (HUD) in front of you without a monitor (too much Transformers?) or still being able to work on a PC with your eyes closed, then this might be the future for you.

Apparently, a “semi-transparent array, including an LED” has been embedded into a contact lens. What this means is that displays, or computer images, can be sent wirelessly to the contact lens, which will then appear in your vision (and making you feel like a cyborg, which could really be a cool thing). This miniature device, which requires about 330 microwatts, can apparently be powered wirelessly from a nearby RF transmitter.

Of course, there is no mention of a power-surge protector.

The only thing that is missing from all these, besides connection from a GPS and perhaps your mobile phone, is a motorized pair of shoes that allows you to travel at 90km per hour (any faster and you might get a ticket for speeding violations in Singapore). And oh, a rocket-pack would be good too.

[via SlashGear]

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