I was fortunate enough to be contacted recently to hope on the Coke Bus on Day 5 of the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF). The only thing was that I had to be at the Singapore Discovery Centre at 8:25am.. but nothing beats being there much earlier as a torch bearer πŸ˜›

Having met Tiffany at the bus park in a rush through the traffic jams and all, I was quickly… “transformed” into a motivator with the distinctive red colored T-shirt and a cap! I remembered that the cap was made from recycled materials… but I can’t remember if the T-shirt was too. In either case, I went… “NO WAY!!!”, since the last thing I remembered that was being made from recycled plastics were supposed to be hard water tumblers!

Nevertheless, I hopped onto the Coke Bus, which is really a modded Hippo Bus with totally awesome speakers at the upper deck blasting away music. What surprised me was how everyone on the bus – mostly students from Nanyang Polytechnic, got into the celebratory mood the moment the bus left the bus park. However, I guess everyone got really high when the bus was on the highway… since it isn’t really often that we get to be on the expressway without a roof over us!

Being the high state that we were in, we waved to practically everyone whom we met along the way… the motorists (some of whom looked aghast!), the pedestrians, the commuters on the bus… they probably thought that all of us were high on cocaine (although I kinda suspected that most of us were high on caffine… hahaha…) !

The first stop was at NTU, where 13 specially selected students (of whom, 1 is a fellow volunteer I know) were supposed to bear the torch till out of the campus, from where, the… rest of the non-NTU students take over. What surprised me was the number of people who turned up to support the torch bearers (and we are not talking about just students) as they did their friends, family and everyone else in Singapore proud… (not to mention being the jealous envy of many who didn’t get to be a torch bearer πŸ˜› )

While I thought that it was going to be a nice and cool day… I got tricked by the earlier morning mild drizzling that paid a 2 seconds visit and was fried like my favourite “Oo Jian” (fried oyster with omelete.. yum yum) by the time afternoon came… for the second time after being mildly sunburnt a couple of days back. Not to mention that by now, I am shredding so much skin, it puts the snake in the Safari zoo to shame.

Of course, the endless supply of Coca-Cola probably played a part in keeping my spirits high (I had no less than 10 bottles) to the point where… the pain of the sunburns came almost when I have just reached home. Have you ever felt like your arms were so hot they can probably fry and egg on it? Yeah… mine was like that… πŸ™ Red.. and almost medium well πŸ˜›

Nevertheless, I have done a music video with the theme song that was played throughout on the bus, and would like to dedicate this to the sportsmen and sportswomen of the Youth Olympic Games, for their passion of the sports. To all youths participating in the games, you are already champions because you dare to excel and believe in yourself.

Hope you guys will like it! πŸ™‚

Special thanks to Tiffany from Coca-Cola Singapore and Edel Mooney from Fulford Public Relations

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