Today’s one of the rare days that I get to wake up a little later amidst the chirping of the birds in the backyard. For some strange reasons unbeknownst to me, I decided to log into my dusty Plurk account and poke around profiles of friends whom I have made eons ago. This brings back memories – mostly good, but some were sad.

I came across Andrew Peter‘s profile and decided to take a look at his blog. Andrew’s a pretty dear friend whom I got to know during my Social Media hay days (or at least what felt like hay days). Those were the days that we’d get to meet during some events or another (and at the then Geek Terminal in Raffles Place). However, news got to me one day that he wasn’t going to pull through from his illness and then… he just went away. On one hand, I was shocked; but on the other hand, I am at peace that he was no longer suffering and is called back to be with the Lord.

Geek Terminal was another favourite hang-out place for a while. I remember knowing about the place through‘s inaugural event (or was it the second one?) which effectively got me connected to the rest of the blogosphere at that time. Geek Terminal was a cafe/restaurant on the outside but had a nice,  conducive atmosphere and facility for business meetings, events and all things social media. That was the place to be for a while. In fact, Geek Terminal showcased quite a number of new products before they were launched – and it was the place to be for some of the latest updates in GadgetLand.

And there is Tech65. Tech65 was the team to be with (and it still probably is). They somehow manage to score themselves some of the latest cool gadgets that any geek could land his or her hands on. They had regular recordings at Geek Terminal and honestly, I very much wanted to be part of their team for a while; but my geekness level was probably not there yet – at least not good enough to make good reviews. That said, I would have spent weeks after weeks oogling at their nifty gadgets and dying to get my hands on one.

What I did manage to get myself involved in was with The Digital Movement. It was a group of like-minded young entrepreneurs and social medialists (if there’s such a word) coming together to promote a community of all things digital and happening. I used to live blog at their events and was some times introduced as the “tech girl”, even though there were far more people who deserved that title than I do. Being with TDM was fun, and we were always excited to come together and just talk about all things tech. Andrew Peters was part of the group as well and those were really good days. I’m not sure what’s happened to the group today (with the domain name being owned by someone else), but I really enjoyed those days together.

Inevitably, that would remind me of those days that I spent at Starbucks with Alice, DK, Ridzuan, Tian Hong and occasionally, Miccheng and Edmund. Ah… Edmund is such a dear friend who appeared out of thin air one day and offered to help with the music video that I was doing in memory of library@orchard (for some strange reasons, I can’t find that post anymore). But yeah, I had totally no idea how to do a music video and just conjured whatever that came to my mind and I was just so grateful that everyone who were present, Alice, Edmund, Ridzuan, Tian Hong, Xiuhui and Yip Leng were so patient with me.

Lastly, because we can’t have everything in the world, there’d always be people whom I have never got to meet: Valerie, Orangeous (a.k.a. Christopher) and a couple more Plurk friends. Then again, that’s probably because I’m usually just quietly reading their blogs and plurks and I can only imagine how awkward the silence would be even if we did meet up.

So, to end off this 1st part of (hopefully) a series of walk down memory lane, let’s just sit back and enjoy this tribute to library@orchard.

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