I had not really followed the happenings between Xiaxue (who is Wendy Cheng in real life) and Dawn Yang, but I did read a little about what happened. Apparently, Wendy had defamed Dawn in one of her many people-offending posts (perhaps she believes in being straight forward), which allegedly called bluffs on some of Dawn’s claims on the people she knew, amongst many other things. It was believed that there were also personal attacks on Dawn.

Striking back, Dawn engaged lawyers from Khattar Wong and filed a defamation suit against Wendy, demanding a public apology and a settlement of sorts. Wendy in return has hired her own lawyers and has until Tuesday to respond to the case. As this is going on, many people in the blogosphere are wondering if this is just a show.

So, if it is, how far should it go? If it isn’t, how far will it last before the public believes that it is for real? Personally, I think the line is drawn when either party brings it to the courts. You see, a lawyer’s letter is nothing yet until the case is brought into the courts. When this happen, the jurisdiction of the Singapore government (or for that matter, any government in most countries) is brought into place where the matter can be presented. Moreover, such details will be recorded in the courts officially and I think it’d be too high a price for either party to pay just to bring up their "entertainment value".

Moreover, either party runs the risk of being charged with contempt of court if the matter is not handled properly. That, becomes an offence so serious that it follows the affected persons for life. For entertainment, that is not worth it. Of course, if it really is an act, then the cost is obviously bore by the respective management agencies who will foot the bill (for the lawyers?) as "marketing costs".

Wendy had been a well-known blogger for about 7 years before Dawn broke into the scene some 3 to 4 years ago. These 2 were quickly reigned to be the queens in the Singapore blogosphere – both being involved in high profile TV shows and media coverage. Some might have thought that a recent slow-down in their profiles may have led to this defamation suit to be played out so as to put the names of Wendy aka Xiaxue and Dawn back on the lips of bloggers and blog readers.

As Stickgal aptly puts it:

Drawing copyrights of http://www.stickgal.blogspot.com. Go pop by her blog for more cute drawings! =)

Virtual catfight

Blogger Dawn Yang wants Xiaxue to apologise for defaming her; others see the spat as ‘entertainment’

By Debbie Yong

The bad blood between the two reigning queens of the local blogosphere has come to a boil.

Last Friday, blogger Wendy Cheng, who goes by the online moniker Xiaxue, received a letter from the lawyer of fellow blogger Dawn Yang.

It called on Ms Cheng to make a public apology for alleged defamatory remarks she made against Ms Yang, and to propose a settlement for damages.

‘We hope to seek an amicable resolution to the matter without going to court,’ lawyer K. Anparasan told The Sunday Times yesterday.

He is from Khattar Wong, the firm Ms Yang hired for the case.

Ms Cheng has hired a lawyer from Keystone Law Corporation but has declined to say what she will do next. She has until Tuesday to respond to the letter.

Ms Yang is currently on holiday in Sydney and could not be reached for comment.

The legal action stems from a blog entry that Ms Cheng, 23, made on June 30.

In a lengthy post, she wrote, among other things, about Ms Yang’s entertainment contracts and endorsement deals.

She also baulked at being compared to Ms Yang, 23, in a June 25 article in the Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Zaobao.

Ms Cheng has since removed this entry from her blog, but screenshots of it can still be found on the Internet.

Her blog gets about 50,000 hits daily while Ms Yang’s gets 30,000.

Ms Cheng said yesterday that the day after she wrote the post, both bloggers’ managers spoke over the phone on the matter. Ms Cheng is signed up with an entertainment agency and Ms Yang with a modelling agency.

She said she was ‘surprised and quite shocked’ to receive the lawyer’s letter.

The simmering discord between them can be traced back to November 2006. The two were compared in an online forum’s ‘hottest bloggers’ ranking, and have been making comments about each other on their blogs since.

Most of the other popular bloggers interviewed dismissed their spat as ‘entertainment’.

Mr Benjamin Lee, also known as Mr Miyagi, said the dispute ‘probably enhanced both parties’ site traffic and attention, which is what the blogging business is about’.

Polytechnic student Esther Chia, 18, who blogs as Ice Angel, concurred.

She was involved in a ‘flameball’ – or virtual mudslinging – with Ms Cheng last year over comments the latter made about her looks and dress sense. The episode boosted Ms Chia’s blog readership from 1,000 to 4,000 hits a day.

‘As long as she doesn’t criticise my character, I won’t be seriously offended,’ said Ms Chia.

Law undergraduate and co-editor of The Online Citizen website, Mr Choo Zheng Xi, said that defamation is an ‘occupational hazard’ for anyone blogging about society and popular culture.

He said that the tussle would at least remind other bloggers to be careful about any personal accusations they wish to make.

He also hoped that more bloggers will be ‘more focused on issues and less on people and personality’.


Source: Straits Times Interactive, http://www.straitstimes.com/News/Home/Story/STIStory_259485.html

Article extracted on 20th July 2008

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There was this case, then came news of molesters and serial molesters being arrested, and now there’s another. Just barely a week after it was reported that a serial molester got nabbed, another case surfaced again. The molester admitted laying on top of his maid and kissing her all over her body. Before he could send her back to her country, he was nabbed by the police after the maid’s cousin tipped off the police; and mind you, he’s a secretary of the Punggol Angsana Resident’s Committee.

For that, he got 10 months’ jail and 3 strokes of the cane (*piak piak*).

This morning, there was also mention of the alleged molestation of a blogger that had been spreading in the Internet forums. In the discussion on air, many felt that the girl who was involved in the molestation was asking for it because she apparently sent too many signals – wrong or otherwise. While some were sympathetic with her, many flamed her, calling her names and painting numerous (almost countless) scenarios on what could have happened. Some even when to the extend of stating that she probably asked the guy along for the trip because she could have gotten discounted tickets since the latter was working in SIA. In addition, 1 commenter wondered if it was for the cheaper DFS stuffs that she could lay her hands on.

Reading the comments in the blog, one will realise that talk is indeed free. Whether it hurts someone else is not important. Indeed, many who left flaming comments signed off with pseudonyms that were ridiculous sounding. While there are many variants on the different scenarios, most of them revolve around the girl being cheap and slutty.

The New Paper also ran the story today, with pseudonyms, of course. However, it doesn’t need too much of detective work to figure out who the article was referring to. From that article, it was known that the guy involved was contacted by the papers and that he is currently seeking legal advise. If the guy decides to sue, the consequences may not be as colourful as some would have hoped for. From the circumstances surrounding it, he could sue for defamation and the onus will be on the girl to prove that the event did happen. Now, since it is not possible for her to do that, then there’s no case for her and she may be ordered to pay compensation to the guy. In addition, it seemed like neither the police in Singapore nor South Korea are taking up the complaint, which further proves to be a disadvantage to the girl.

Nonetheless, perhaps John is the real victim here, with his name plastered all over the place. A search on Google returned her post as the first entry. Even if her post is taken down, other copies of the same post may still remain on the Internet for a while. As someone mentioned in the blog:

Your story holds little water, and any reader should not judge the guy. Most of them don’t know you, most of them don’t know him. We thus can only read your story and say, we’re sorry for how you feel. Please, delete his name and apologise to him – face-to-face and publicly. You know it’s partly your fault that this whole thing happened, if it did. John should not be the only person to take the blame.

Indeed, perhaps she should apologise and get on with her life. At best, it’s probably… just an honest mistake.

THREE days after molesting his Indonesian maid, National Environment Agency supervisor Lee Song Koi cancelled her work permit and tried to send her home.

His wife took the 21-year-old domestic worker to the airport but the police, acting on a frantic call from the maid’s cousin, intercepted and stopped the maid from taking her flight home.

Lee, 46, also a secretary of the Punggol Angsana Residents’ Committee, was yesterday sentenced to 10 months’ jail and three strokes of the cane for molesting her.

He is appealing against the sentence and is out on $15,000 bail.

He admitted on Monday to lying on top of the maid and kissing her all over the body at his Hougang flat on July 7 last year.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Elizabeth Lee Liang Mae said that the victim was sleeping in her room when Lee forced himself on her by kissing her face.

He lifted her T-shirt while the victim struggled and told him to stop.

Lee ignored her and continued molesting her.

Before leaving the room, he told her not to tell anyone.

Three days later, police received a 999 call and the Airport Police were alerted to look out for the maid whom they found together with Lee’s wife at Terminal 2.

Lee’s lawyers Subhas Anandan and Sunil Sudheesan said that the father of two made no excuse for his behaviour, and had shown remorse by compensating her $5,000.

That night, he came home drunk after a company dinner and dance and hugged the maid in the living room.

Half an hour later, he went into her bedroom to molest her.

He apologised later that morning, said Mr Anandan, adding that Lee had contributed to society for 10 years as a grassroots leader.

After meting out the sentence, District Judge Wong Choon Ning said the charges were serious ones.

‘As the employer, it is your responsibility to treat her well, and certainly not to commit these offences.’

Lee could have been jailed for up to three years, fined or caned, or received any two such punishments.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 18th June 2008

Damn. I’m in the midst of fixing it now. Will be right back soon.

Editor: This is not really a big deal, as I’d have agreed with a few other readers, but it’s just the way that the comment was being phrased that seems… *don’t know how to explain*. Nay, I am just being sensitive.

I saw this comment posted today in my blog and alarm bells started ringing immediately. The blog post in question was the one about the seemingly fake evidence on Pedra Branca. Now, "nal" wrote that:

I can’t imagine an island with a ‘foreign’ name got stuck somewhere in the middle of the malay’s archipelago region. It just doesn’t add up……….Who is this smark aleck, who changed the name ?

I think Pulau Batu Putih sounds more realistic.

To which, "anon" replied:


shattap, Pulau Batu Putih no longer exist, it’s Pedra Branca now!


Now, if "anon" is a Singaporean, or for that matter, any other nationality, I would have just closed both eyes. But a check at the IP address revealed:


Of course, I am being just oversensitive. I guess it’s just the way that it’s being put across, especially with the "shattap" (shut up). It could all be said in jest, but knowing how people are being prosecuted and all, it’ll not be forgivable if I hear alarm bells and let it continue ringing. So…

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Welcome to "Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century" with Vinton G. Cerf. This event is organized by TDM and is kindly sponsored by Google and IDA.

Vinton G. Cerf is the VP and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and was also the co-designer with Robert Kahnfor the TCP/IP and the basic architecture of what we know now as the Internet. He’s also commonly known as the Father of Internet within the community. Today, he’s here with us to share with us on how Internet is going to be like as we move into the new century.

Editor: As it turns out, I couldn’t find any power sockets and the laptop will die half-way into the live blogging. The editor apologises profusely for this but hope that you’d still be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

7:00pm: People have streamed into Suntec Convention Hall by the hordes and food is being snapped up quickly. Hey, we are talking about really hungry people out here on a Friday evening. How else to bring everyone together other than food? There are puffs, and cakes, coffee and tea. Yummy! =) Registration have so far been smooth because there’s no walk-in. Yes, this even is so popular until it’s completely filled up. There are strictly no walk-ins and if you really want to crash into the event, well… just… point at a random name on the list. Shhhh… don’t quote me. =P

Aaron Koh is doing the recording for the event and I am assuming that he’s the official recorder. James was also here, but for the countless time, he’s given me a miss. This is sad. Really sad.

7:22pm: The event has started with an opening address from Wayne Soh of TDM. To run through a bit of the program – we are going to have some updates on TDM and Google and Vint will be giving the main course for the event; followed by a forum, some networking and supper. =) We have Google, Microsoft, MINDEF, and MCYS amongst the rest. Asking the crowd how many are here to meet Vint – the entire crowds raised their hands! Indeed, it’s all really for Vint, isn’t it? =)

Howie is now addressing the crowd and is highlighting that TDM is going through a very interesting transition now and is welcome to comments and ideas because we (TDM) really want to be known as social connectors and to bring people together. Essentially, we want to be known to be sharing and propagating ideas. Importantly, we should all have fun tonight.

7:26pm: We now have Derek, who is the regional marketing manager of HK and SEA of Google, to address the crowd. Something that most people will agree is that after hearing Vint, there’s a chance that people will walk away a little more intelligent. =)

James is now addressing the crowd and introducing Vint to the crowd. Indeed James is correct in pointing out that Vint is one of the founding fathers of the Internet, without both of whom, there will be no Internet today. For that work, they were award various recognitions by the US President. More information about Vint is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinton_Cerf. As James began reading out Vint’s awards, I lost track of it because the list is really far too long. =)

7:30pm Vint is quite stunned that there are so many people here on a Friday night and he’s speculating that perhaps we are all here because of the free food! Heh. He’s actually quite excited to learn about the TDM idea because all of us come from varied backgrounds and that it’s good to see everyone get together to make a better digital environment for everybody. While Vint is here to predict what the Internet looks like 27 years down the road, he thinks that it’s really going to be off. Still, it’s fun to do so because we can all see how deviant it is going to be. =P

He’s presenting the Regional Internet Statistics which primarily talks about the penetration rates and he’s basically given up about counting for Europe because they kept adding countries!

Moving on, if we were to fast forward 27 years later, the Internet will be 52 years old. He’s clear that it takes a lot of persistence in bringing new ideas to people and getting people to accept it. Up till today, we have just over 15 years of commercial exposure and it is predicted that by 27 years later, we will have about 70% penetration rate. He also believes that penetration rates may go well beyond 100% because each person will have more than one device that is being used to access the Internet. Vint also recognise that almost every other thing under the sun and the moon will be connected to the Internet – including your refrigerator!

He also recognise that the IP standard is going to be IPv6 and that IPv4 is going to be in places where IPv6 doesn’t matter much because they are perhaps going to be private nets. He believes that by 27 years later, cables are going to be in the fibre range and that WiMax will probably be replaced. We will be having very advanced radio based technology then.

Vint recognise that we will be having very widely, horizontal standardization where commercial and Internet is concerned – pretty much different from vertical standards that we know today (i.e. standards that are specific for a particular industry). Vint mentioned that cloud computing is a very odd revisit today. Back in the old days, it was thought that computers will fill up entire buildings and that people will access them remotely. However, today, with advanced microchip technology, Google is able to make use of many microprocessors to do effective stuffs like indexing. He also believes that by 2035, virtual environments will be very common and that we will get very advanced 3D holograms – nothing like Star Trek, but something good enough.

He believes that there is nothing stopping us from mixing up real life and virtual life to give us virtual interactions. These virtual interactions and environments is something that Vint thinks students will be seeing and doing in 2035. In fact, students will be making use of science to do science.

Next, Vint covers domain names and IP addresses, where by 2035, we would have implemented a higher level naming system where domain names will never expired or be reused (hands up those who lose their domain names because they forgot to pay for it). These "personal identifiers" will stick around for years which are more permanent through some mapping scheme that will eventually eliminate what we all hate most – HTTP 404.

Vint also covered on using Google in the medical sense because there are people who search the Internet for medical conditions. An example that’s given is that the CDC is unable to track queries made by people which are specific to a disease – in particular epidemics. If there’s a way for CDC to determine what searches people are making, especially in the health areas, then there is a possibility that they will be more ready and alert to sudden spikes in particular diseases. This is also application in many fields as long as people are able to spot trends in searches. This is expected to be common in 2035.

Next up, socio-economical effects of Internet in 2035. Virtually every single type of media that’s available now will also be available in the Internet. There will be more Internet group interaction with political actions, polling and market places. Information consumers will also be the producers particularly in the areas of blogging, Youtube, personal web pages and wisdom of crowds. There will be innovation at the edge, in particular, Wikipedia is one such example. It’s also thought that 10 hours worth of video is uploaded eery minute. What’s important here is the vast sharing of information. Again, Wkipedia is an example where it is possible for experts to correct something that’s not accurate on the Internet.

At the same time, there will be more social networking (Facebook, My Space, Linked In) and game playing. However, instead of seeing people on the screen (for social networking), Vint is speculating on the possibility of actually having a Rent-A-Robot where the real person can remotely control something that’s as real as him – as opposed to seeing someone in 2D on the screen.

Touching on storage, a terabyte of storage will probably cost about $100 million dollars back in the 1970s – something that he paid a fraction for now. If he indeed have $100 million back then, there’s no way his wife is going to let him spend it on storage. =)

IPTV – today, we hear a lot of concerns on streaming video and if it’s ever possible for this amount of video to be supported. In reality, there’s more than enough capacity to support what we are doing now – and even in 2035. In fact, Gigabit connections will be very common in 2035. With that kind of bandwidth, it’s possible to download a gigabit of video in 16 seconds! Moreover, if video is downloaded instead of being streamed, this will become more popular and video streaming will be reserved for real-time events like live conferences.

Editor: Oops. Battery died. Sorry, but that was almost all about it. =)

Just like the prophecies foretold from a magical book of sorts, the signs are showing. First, the feedburner count plunged like the stock market from a high of 120+/130+ to just 71. Then the support group that Simply Jean has been so often immersed in has suddenly… "disbanded". Plaktoz – back to camp. Ridz – busy, DK – busy, Miccheng – busy, Alice – sick, Nicole – busy, Ruiping – MIA…

It’s probably just one of those ranting days again. Singapore, except for the recent raise in fuel prices, rice prices, ERP gantries (yes, the gantries, not the ERP fees) and all, had been very quiet recently; especially so when everyone was so disappointed with how the entire Mas Selamat case is being handled, everyone seemed to have lost respect for our DPM Wong. So much so that… everyone seemed to give up talking about them.

Retrospectively, the week crossing May Day had been quite crazy, with an event almost every other day. In fact, there will be 2 events crashing against this Wednesday. Why can’t those social media people start doing something about their dates instead of clashing with each other and forcing people to take sides? The results will always be unexpected.

Ok. Enough ranting. Back to work.

Getting ready for the Scarlet Event was almost like getting ready for the big day… except that it wasn’t my big day. I probably lost count of the number of times that Sabrina told me to "wear nice nice". Fearing that she will never invite me to any other event because my dressing might disgrace her, I set forth on a mission with fashion connoisseur Plaktoz. Short of the dress which was stupidly purchase by yours truly ON THE EVE OF THE GREAT ROBINSON SALE, everything else was consulted with The Fashion Connoisseur (TFC).

Probably more on the process later… but the cost of the dress – S$139, the cost of the blink blink – S$(hidden), the cost of the footwear – S$36.90, the cost of the handbag – S$(hidden), the cost of renting a car – S$55, the cost of parking – S$10, the cost of petrol – S$20… the pleasure of being invited to the Scarlet Event – S$ Priceless. For everything else, there’s Mastercard, =P

DSC04913 DSC04997

Looking for the place at the Singapore Flyer was quite easy. The outside was floored with red carpet and I guess I was so early that there was more than enough time for me to pose with the models, smile in front of the video camera and tease a little as I walked in. It really felt like a red carpet moment no less than those that you watch at the Grammy’s.


Inside was dark and secretive and people were scarce (because I was too early). Food and drinks were aplenty though, but I didn’t want to look like a glutton, so I went easy on the food and drinks (Rule #1).

DSC04874 DSC04875 DSC04878 

Finger food was the call of the day – which is really good if you just want to pop one into your mouth. The desserts were simply fantastic. However, rule #1 prevented me from eating more than 3 mouthful worth of food – and even those had to be skimmed off DK‘s plate.


At the stage, a huge screen was playing the trailers of Scarlet – the TV series. Today, they were going to unveil what Scarlet is all about 😉 Feeling so excited about it already!

DSC04877 DSC04992

In the background, we were entertained by the band and a singer. It’s a pity that I didn’t get the name of the band or the singer. I thought they were quite wonderful! =)

And here’s the who’s who at the event – although more pictures are available at… erm… you know? At the other blog. =)

DSC04882 DSC04883 DSC04885 DSC04886 DSC04887 DSC04909

If you really don’t know where the other blog is, do leave me a contact. 😉

DSC04890 DSC04893 DSC04896

Soon after, the unveiling of Scarlet began. The event was hosted by a beautiful lady who started yet another formal series of Scarlet trailers – where the catch line is to put her in every household. I mean… who can you put a lady in every household ?!?!

Then the secret was unveiled…

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After the presentation was over, Arzhou took the lead to walk out of Geek Terminal to head towards The Pump Room. The road was long and treacherous. It was hot, wet (as in sweaty), and paved with restaurants who tried to convince us to give their food a shot. Thank goodness I had the company of Joanne of Ogilvy tp brave this journey together. It was quite amusing initially because she was trying to get my name right; and when she finally realised that my name was Jean, she was wondering if I was Jean of Simply Jean.

Heh heh… I enjoyed the anonymity while it lasted.

We talked about social media on the whole and she was trying to get a grasp of social media and advertisers. She’s so hard working that she was even reading up a book on Website-something-Measurement! Impressed… impressed. Of course, when she later realised that my course of study had nothing to do with the Internet nor social media, she was quite surprised.

So you are a Bernard Leong!” Oh man, I felt so flattered. Heh heh… 😉

By the time we got to The Pump Room, we had to queue for our turn and while everyone was hot, I was wet drenched. I had no choice but to strip my jacket off for a moment. When it was finally our turn to get in, we were told to “move in and turn left”. Of course, everyone was expecting some seats, but we were greeted with surprise when we were refused entry into an area which we now realised was the VIP area.

So what was all the “move in and turn left” about? Then we realised. We were supposed to stand. Haha… everyone’s hopes dashed when that was confirmed by someone in the crowd. Oh well.

I didn’t get a beer, but for those who did, most commented that it was almost like water – and most importantly, Tian Hong didn’t even turn red! You see, he has a high propensity of turning red regardless of what alcoholic drinks he takes and he didn’t even turn red on this!


The music was pretty nice, although all the songs we heard were “oldies”. The band playing was Jive Talking, and the vocalists and musicians were very good! The male vocalist had an evil sense of humour too. Apparently, some girl got sabo’ed into going onto stage because it was her birthday, and she was asked for a dance by the male vocalist! Haha…


Can’t see much, but I thought she reminded me of The Mermaid, just a little taller. Shortly after the dance, another ang mo took over.


Hmm… give me the cheeky vocalist anytime. Haha… =)

The group lasted for about a  few songs – with the most popular one being “That thing you do”. I guess almost everyone was familiar with the song. Yeah, I remember hearing it when I was just a small kid. =P

After the band announced that they were taking a break, the rest of us decided to take a break too. In fact, I think the few of us decided to call it a day. It wasn’t so much about the bed beckoning, but it was more of… “mood”?

Oh well.

On our way out, we met miccheng who was having a lonesome beer at the bar. Just as he was about to leave with us, Arzhou came along and convinced him to stay for another beer. So I guess that leaves Ridz, DK and me.

So was it calling a day? Nope. There was still more aftermath – probably not in the context of Podfire event or post event, but more of… being trapped outside my gates! More later. Starbucks chasing people out now. =P