Yes, there is another change again. The postponed petrol ban on Singaporean within 50km from its borders is called off. This is party due to the repercussions on the businesses in Johor, and the strong opposition voices from Johor businesses. So, with the ban cancelled, Singaporeans will be unlikely to cut down on trips to Malaysia. However, with this ban cancelled, all Malaysians have to suffer together. Petrol price, effective from today is raise by 40% to RM2.70 per litre for petrol and RM2.58 per litre for diesel. There will be no difference in petrol price to local or foreigner. Did I smell protest?

SINGAPORE vehicles can continue topping up on petrol in Johor, the Malaysian government said yesterday, ending days of uncertainty over whether it would implement a ban within 50km of the border.

The news came with the announcement of a 40 per cent hike in petrol prices from today.

Analysts say the move is a high-stakes gamble by Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is fighting for his political survival.

Article obtained from on 5th June 2008

Are you one of those respondents who are not aware that smoking can cause blindness? An article by Linda Kaspari states that cigarette smoking reduces levels of plasma antioxidant, a substance in the blood stream, which protects retinal cells. Smoking causes the protective layer between the retina and blood vessels to erode, resulting in poor circulation, irritation and scarring.

Many smokers know that smoking can cause stroke and diseases such as lung and throat cancers but continues to smoke. Will smokers start to quit smoking if they know that it will lead to blindness? Or will they just ignore it as it is just adding another disease to the list.

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Did you know smoking can cause Blindness?
Smoking can cause Blindness

Most people know that smoking can cause stroke and diseases such as lung and throat cancers, but many are unaware that taking that puff can also cause blindness.

This is according to the first cross-cultural survey between Singapore’s Alexandra Hospital and Scotland’s Ninewell Hospital, which polled over 200 respondents in the two countries.

While more than eight in ten are aware of the more common diseases afflicting smokers, only about three in ten regard blindness as a smoking-related condition.

The fact is, experts say, smoking increases the risk of age-related deterioration of the retina by four times and triples the risk for cataract clouding.

The study also showed that graphic warning labels on cigarette packs may just be the extra push needed to get smokers to stub it out.

Eight in ten Singaporeans either felt fearful or disgusted when shown the images.

Only about a quarter of respondents from both countries said the labels will have no effect in getting them to stop smoking.

Alexandra Hospital said it is in talks with the Health Promotion Board to include on cigarette packs a warning on the risk of blindness.


Starbucks - day 2 viewYup, it’s back to the office on a Tuesday evening with a new seat and a new view! Heh heh… Met up with 2 guys (unnamed) for a project discussion before they head off shopping for a bag. Hmm… that didn’t sound quite right, did it?

Today’s a slow day indeed. No pies, no puffs. Just good ol’ plain Tazo Chai Tea Latte with more foam, less milk and 4 pumps of Chai. Or so I thought. Sitted at the entrance was a lady with a MacBook Pro. Suddenly, I realised how good (I am resisting the use of the word “sexy”) a lady looks with a MacBook Pro! Really makes me feel like getting one.

Anyway, I was supposed to talk about my tea, ain’t I?

Starbuck - tea, not the lady

So, here’s a view from where I was seated. No, the lady wasn’t meant to be in the shot, but somehow, she ended up being in it. Serious.

Hmm… ladies with MacBook Pro do look good. Really good.

New view from my 2nd office

Daily November 5th, 2007

Starbucks - makan setNay… I don’t really have an office, but I didn’t manage to get any of my usual seats today, so I just make do with whichever seat I could find; and no, I am not an insurance agent. =P In fact, I don’t even call it my office, but somebody decided that it is. Oh well…

It’s really a nice place to sit down and get some serious work done (no, not the one with the test tubes) – nice ambience, good tea (yes, I drink the tea – Tall sized Tazo Chai Tea Latte, more foam, less milk, 4 pumps Chai with chocolate powder sprinkled on top) and so far, they hadn’t chased me out yet, so that is quite important.

Back to my new view… so yes, this is the new view that I have from my “office”.

Starbucks - a new perspective! (stack)

Yup, apparently this corner is probably the best corner, although there is a Bose speaker blasting away and self-adjusting its volume over my head throughout the entire duration. Today was the start of their new Christmas pies! And I helped myself to one of those (which supposedly stops selling by 2nd January 2008). It looked so nice that I was tempted (and succumbed) to taking a bite from it.

 Starbucks - corn beef pie!

Oh well, sorry for the missing part. It looked too good to resist. =P It’s going for $5 and apparently there were only 2 when I arrived. Yes, I got both of it. I guess that should be a good testament (sorry if you are vegetarian or if you refrain from beef).

Anyway, now that you know where I usually hang out, do feel free to drop by! Haha… some company would be nice sometimes.

Bee attack!

Daily July 30th, 2007

As I was on my way back today, I saw a group of people surround 2 indian guys, who were holding this long pole with a smoke-emitting bottle. Curious, like almost all other Singaporeans, I peered out of the window of the bus that I was on and realised that there were dead bees on the road. The rest of the bees were hovering at the tree and some were simply just flying straight onto the bus I was on.

Soon after, the bus, which was stopped at a traffic junction, began to move; probably crushing some bees in the midst of it. I thought it was quite strange that people would be gathering to watch the extermination of the bees. Aren’t bees supposed to be dangerous and that people are supposed to be running away from them?

Gosh… the extent of the kaypohness of Singaporeans! 😛

Fallen ill

Daily July 22nd, 2007

I’ve fallen ill. Finally. This is something that had been hinging since a few weeks ago and I guess I’d try to take a good rest today. Sigh… haven’t had the chance to read the papers yet. 🙁

Teeth and gums are feeling a little sore and my throat is screaming with pain. Head is bobbing like a ball in water and muscles, aching from pins poking out of the bones. My nose is dried like the dessert desert and each breath is like brushing sandpaper against the tonsils.

I am sick. 🙁