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Are you wallowing in self-pity? Are you knocking your head silly on the wall for not planning ahead for a date with a crush? Have you been hopelessly single? Do your crushes treat you like a close sibling of sorts? Do you want to get out of it and bare it all and scream "I AM A (WO)MAN AND I WANT YOU!!!"? Ok, maybe that was a little off, but you know what… ?

Seriously speaking, it doesn’t really matter since Valentine’s Day is already so commercialised. Moreover, if you really love a person, isn’t everyday supposed to be special anyway? 😉 Ok, ok. I get it. It’s just a "special day" thing right? So, what can you do if you are prince- or princess-less on Valentine’s Day? Fret not, because there are really a 1001 things you can do without standing out in the crowd as the "unwanted one".

  1. Ask a fellow single out for a meal. Dress casual and eat out anywhere and just have some great fun. Really, that can be fun too. 😉 Doesn’t matter if it’s 2 guys going out on a dinner date meal together. Everyone else will be too lovey dovey to notice anyway.
  2. Ask a few singles out for kopi! Make it a cuppa at Starbucks! Or the kopitiam of your choice 😉 … and join the other ah beis looking at the TV box or drinking Tiger
  3. Play <insert favourite multi-player game>. After all, this is the best time to up your points and lean over your opponents 🙂
  4. Join Ridzuan at Starbucks @ Raffles City to light up the place
  5. … erm … erm … Form a Singles Support Group?!

Okie… perhaps I am out of ideas, but really, it’s just another day. If you have a loved one, everyday should be like V-day, isn’t it? Not to mention that flowers would cost a fraction 😉

Ridz, Tian Hong and myself were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and Valentine’s Day and all when we suddenly draw the conclusion that there will come a day when everyone will eventually not get attached and the human race might just come to standstill. Sounds exaggerated? Well, not really if there is such a thing as “real love”. =P

One of us, I shall not mention which of the guys, related the following incident:

  • Guy has a crush on a girl. Well, it’s only a crush and nothing happens. It’s when you idolise somebody
  • Then the guy may move on to the “like” stage – when the guy will be attracted to the girl but he is not sure if it’s the kind of “boy-like” feeling. You know? Puppy love?
  • Then the guy moves on to the “love” stage. That’s when the guy is really concerned about the girl and makes sure that she gets the best and is really happy. Now since no guy would ever say that he’s the best for the girl, he’d move into this cyclic thing when he starts thinking that there will be someone else better for her. Eventually, the girl doesn’t get attached if everyone who likes/loves her start thinking the same way.

Going by this logic all the girls who are loved will eventually not be attached and all the guys… will just remain single.

Quite sad to think of things like this when it’s just less than 1 week before Valentine’s Day =P

Yes, it’s that time of the year where people get scared to death in the LT of horrors, where teachers and principals get dunked into a pool of water (separately, of course), where games abound and prizes are way too attractive to give the games a miss. Yes, it’s time for Fun-O-Rama! But hor, for some strange reason, no one asked me if I wanted to buy any tickets. It’s usually around this time that I suddenly find my long-lost friends, but… this year’s so quiet!

Okie… maybe I am an outcast now… but if you have some Fun-O-Rama tickets that you want to sell, do feel free to leave a comment or drop us a message. 😉 Oh wait, don’t tell me the tradition is broken and there’s no Fun-O-Rama this year? 😮

Happy New Year 2008!

General December 31st, 2007

Happy New Year, pull your ear! Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy and prosperous new year for 2008! May your 2008 be exciting and scandalous!

– from the authors of Simply Jean

I got this call yesterday morning from someone who was calling from some Global Travel agency. At the other end of the line was this lady who spoke Mandarin in a heavily Chinese slang that sorts of identifies herself as someone from China. No, I don’t have anything against people from China, it’s just that:

  1. It’s a cold call
  2. It’s a call at 11am (it’s not even lunch time yet)
  3. She started off being a little too enthusiastic

After ensuring that she’s speaking to the correct person, she started rattling off, “你有去过香港迪斯尼乐园吗?” (translated: have you been to Hong Kong’s Disneyland?). This immediately rang all the bells and whistles sirens and “time share” started appearing all over my view.

I think I did the most dirty thing next. I pretended not to understand Mandarin. I spoke in English that I do not understand what she’s saying and if she could repeat it in English. For some reason, she couldn’t and after a few tries, she said “sony” (sic; she probably meant “sorry”) and hang up.

Well, I could have given up a fantastic offer to see HongKong’s Disneyland, or that the travel agency that she’s working in really had a good deal. However, with all the news going around about scams and all, and with my pockets hitting an all-time low, I probably can’t afford to go there anyway.

I hope whoever that got the offer have got a good deal. =)

I have finally taken some time off to prepare a rather small (oops!) poster for my kittens. I think someone recommended 350×500 pixels and I am not sure how it’d look like until I post it up online. It’s been quite a while since I was this hardworking in creativity and learnt quite a fair bit in the process of doing it up. So, here it is. The poster for the missing kittens. It’d really be nice if you could help put it up too to spread the word? I’d really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Missing Kittens Poster

Just to clear up a little – the kittens were handed over to the caregiver at about 1130pm on 10th October 2007 at the taxi stand outside The Cathay. We never did see the caregiver got onto anyone’s car – and so it could be his friend’s or just a taxi. 13th October 2007 is when we officially lost contact with the caregiver via MSN, gtalk or SMS.

The kittens were approximately 12 weeks old as of 13th October 2007 and should have probably grown a little more if they are still alive. If you have any information pertaining to the kittens or caregiver, please do not hesitate to email us. We are also intending to pass this around the pet shops, although it’s quite unlikely that they will identify the kittens. Well, no harm trying, we guess. Thanks for helping to pass the word around.

I was waiting for my pack of Shihlin Taiwan Snack’s XXL Chicken at The Cathay when I overheard someone apparently from NUS asking the auntie at that Shihlin store if she (or they) would be interested to have a store at NUS where there would be “huge traffic” and that “people are familiar with Shihlin XXL chicken” and that “people would love Shihlin XXL chicken over other chickens”. Oh well, I might have paraphrased some of these, so please don’t quote me on that.

Shihlin XXL Chicken Snack

At first thought, I was wondering why they didn’t go to the website directly to apply to be a franchisee… and I realised how stupid I am. They (the students?) need someone to run the business, and not themselves and hence they need someone else (like a current franchisee?) to apply to NUS for it.

Personally, I won’t mind having a Shihlin store at my own school (no, I am not from NUS, not yet anyway) although I am quite sure that the Western Food Store auntie won’t be too happy about it. (oops!) My personal opinion about the chicken is that, it had changed quite a fair bit – from being very nice at first instance to being a little too salty (too much MSG?) for a long time, to being just about there. I remembered refraining from Shihlin snacks for quite a while because it was getting a little too gee-lat for me.

However, I have that for dinner almost every other day because it is about the most convenient stuff to get from where I am doing my work in the evenings! I wonder if NUS students really like Shihlin. =)

* gee-lat is a colloquial for something that’s too much or too extreme in taste 

Moving on…

General October 28th, 2007

Today marks a special day. Today marks the day that I accept the death of my kittens and the decision to move on. As I was washing up this morning, I smell the familiar scent – the first time over 2 weeks since I was back, of my kittens when I bathed them. The scent lingered on for quite a while before finally disappearing.

Coincidentally, my friend’s father smelled the familiar scent of my cats since yesterday and wondered where the scent come from. I hope my kittens are resting in peace.

It’s time to let go…

Feeling really down…

General September 13th, 2007

You know? It’s been quite a while since I last felt so down. Maybe too many things had been happening for the past weeks and it’s all getting pent up all inside. For once, I nearly teared for no rhyme or reason. 🙁 It was worse just now at Jurong Point. Sigh. I don’t know why I am feeling like this. Maybe it’s just the hormones. Maybe it’s about meeting expectations. But… what expectations? Sigh. Maybe I’m just too tired and probably need a good good rest. But hadn’t I been resting all these while? I don’t think I really did anything significant lately. Sigh. I am just feeling so lost. Would anyone be able to understand?