Was in the midst of lessons today when the projector that was hanging perilously from the middle of the ceiling in the lecture theatre shook. And it shook. And it shook. And the lecturer thought that he had just acquired Parkinson’s Disease. Then it stopped…. and it shook for the last time. The project started to sway and everyone sitting underneath it started paying more attention to it than to the lecturer, to the extend that the lecture had to go…

Hey hey, don’t keep looking at the projector lah! If it falls down I’ll let you all know. So when I say jump, you all better quickly jump!

Er…. (^_^)”‘

And here’s a little something that was talked about during one of my conversations:

A friend well-versed in Chinese History: in ancient china… when there’s a long period of drought or natural disaster…
Me: Ya?
AFWVICH: its seen as a sign that the emperor has lost their mandate to rule…
Me: Oh?
AFWVICH: and the heavens are angry at the emperor…
Me: Hmm… do they practice 66.6% as great mandate then?
AFWVICH: perhaps this quake is like a way to telling the PAP that all this price hikes are getting a little too much…
Me: =S
AFWVICH: ha ha
Me: *roll eye balls*
AFWVICH: But… in ancient times… they don’t get to vote…
Me: Then?
AFWVICH: the challengers are all executed…
Me: oh… so fun…
AFWVICH: *faint* u have quite a morbid sense of humour…

Was just reading about how he was going in and out of consciousness this morning because of suspected kidney problems and now, I just got news that he’s passed on. 🙁 I think he’s one of the most musically inspirational person that I have ever heard and known and it’s really a great loss that he moved on even before his farewell concert. 🙁

ROME – LUCIANO Pavarotti, whose vibrant high C’s and ebullient showmanship made him one the most beloved tenors, has died, his manager said. He was 71.

Pavarotti was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and underwent further treatment in August 2007. His manager, Terri Robson, said in an e-mail statement that Pavarotti died at his home in Modena, Italy, at 5am on Thursday.

‘The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life. In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness,’ the statement said.


‘The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life,’ the statement said. — PHOTO: AFP

Son of a baker
Born on Oct 12, 1935 in the quiet northern Italian town of Modena, Luciano Pavarotti was the only son of a baker whose love of opera and own modest singing gift were an important factor in determining the boy’s future career.

After six years’ studying while working as a teacher, he won first prize in a competition in 1961 and was rewarded with the role of Rodolphe in Puccini’s ‘La Boheme’ in nearby Reggio Emilia.

From such modest beginnings, his reputation began to grow and by 1963 he was singing in Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich and London.

His American debut came in February 1965 in a production of Donizetti’s ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ in Miami, Florida, with Joan Sutherland as Lucia.

Come of age
It was with Sutherland in February 1972 that he truly came of age, taking Covent Garden and the New York Metropolitan Opera by storm with a sparkling production of another Donizetti favourite, ‘La Fille du Regiment’.

Pavarotti hit nine effortless top notes in the first aria, a feat which saw the audience erupt in a standing ovation and also earned him the epithet ‘King of the high C’s’.

Despite his success, he never fully learned to read music, preferring to memorise his roles. As a result he mastered only one at a time, leaving him with a surprisingly limited repertoire for a singer of his stature.

He also managed to shock purists with his appearances in live concerts, sometimes alongside pop musicians. In 1991 a crowd of 150,000, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, braved the rain and cold in London’s Hyde Park to hear him sing.

The previous year Pavarotti had hit an even wider audience, when his performance of the aria ‘Nessun Dorma”, from Puccini’s ‘Turandot,’ was chosen as the theme music for the 1990 Football World Cup, hosted by his native Italy.

‘Three Tenors’
Among his best-known initiatives in his later years were his appearances with two other leading singers, Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo, as the ‘Three Tenors”, and the annual ‘Pavarotti and Friends’ concerts in his home town of Modena.

The events saw him performing with rock stars from Elton John and Eric Clapton to Zucchero and even the Spice Girls, to raise money for children in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Second marriage
Pavarotti’s success also attracted the attention of the society columns. In 1996 he left his wife Adua after 35 years of marriage and three grown-up daughters for his secretary Nicoletta Mantovani, whom he married in 2003, and with whom he had one child.

The singer’s weight caused him increasing health problems in his later years, and he also ran into trouble with the Italian tax authorities, with whom he reportedly reached a settlement for the payment of arrears amounting to millions of euros. — AP, AFP

Visit Malaysia 2007Today’s Malaysia’s 50th National Day where they celebrate 50 years of independence! Actually I don’t know much about the history of Malaysia, but I know they have good fireworks across the causeway that I would have been able to enjoy from the comforts of my corridor, to make up for what I missed for my own country’s fireworks.

But I did a google anyway, and you can find interesting reads here, here and here; and there’s even a beautiful WordPress-Malaysia Day banner here too. I’d have used the official Malaysia National Day logo… but I thought this Visit Malaysia 2007 logo to be rather nice… and attractive. 🙂

So, despite all the quarrels with Malaysia about their KTM land, their water supply, our treated water back to them, the causeway, Singaporeans being robbed, slashed and murdered, complaints of us buying up all their rice, oil, sugar, toileteries, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper and petrol and eating up all their seafood, we would still continue supporting them in their economy. 🙂

Sometimes we just need to give and take a little. 😛 Malaysia boleh!

And Kenny Sia boleh too! 😛


General August 22nd, 2007

There was once this girl, X, who like this guy, Y but thought that Y didn’t like her. Many times, X was left dreaming about Y being her knight in shining armour, but that remained a dream.

Soon after, Y decided to go overseas for a short while. While X missed him, she couldn’t do much but just watch him go. Afterall, Y will be coming back one day. Occasionally, they exchanged emails whenever Y stopped by an Internet cafe. X was always delight to receive his email and would sometimes wait anxiously by her computer. Y would tell her interesting stuffs that happened during his trip.

When Y finally returned, X was delighted, but pretty much kept it to herself. She didn’t want to lose the friendship if Y is taken aback and starts to avoid her. So… things remained the way it was.

X and Y went out often, but X didn’t dare ask for much. Having Y’s company is good enough for her. While X thought that Y might be interested in her, she didn’t have the courage to ask Y about it.

Soon after, X thought that Y was beginning to avoid her. Not knowing why, and not being able to withstand the suspense, she approached Y and found out that he was starting to see someone else. Y told X that he liked her, but wasn’t sure if the reverse is the same. X was heartbroken, and finally admitted to Y that she liked him… but it was all to late. Her heart had been broken to pieces. Putting it back together will never be the same again.

X can only wish Y all the best. :'(

A catty life

General August 15th, 2007

Life hasn’t really been the same since the 3 kittens joined the family. And as I am typing this post at 3:40am, they are running round and round the sofa set. Darn! Shouldn’t have switched off the lights!

Getting them accustomed to the new environment was quite a chore. First, the 3 consists of a pair of siblings and another from another family. Don’t ask me how I got this combination – it’s complicated. Then there was the difficulty of getting them to share the place – eat, sleep and do business together. Thankfully the 3rd was QED, but getting them to eat together from the same bowl is 1 big task! In fact, getting them to be together without them hissing at one another is already one big headache. Sigh. They are less than 3 months old each (10 years human age?) and I wonder what enmity that great can cause them to deliver first blows at striking distance.

More on that later. Now… gotta type my reports again. My never ending reports. And oh… did I mention that I am going to post something up on youtube? 😛

Heh heh… school has reopened and everyone’s busy searching for unheard-of classrooms and lecture theatres and turning up for lessons where the lecturer’s missing. Oh well, that’s the start of the new school term for you.

I had been placed on waiting list for some subjects and will be hunting down looking for the respective supervisors to sign some forms. This semester will be slightly different for me because I would also be taking up some teaching assignments. This is going to be quite nerve wreaking because the main lecturer is away for conference and the 2nd lecturer is… well, probably going to be missing. Heh. I am left to my own device. God help me.

So many things have happened and I have so much stuffs to write – National Day stuffs, studying abroad stuffs (and not returning home?), managing my projects, thinking if I should start expanding… and so on. So much work, so little time. I wish I have 72 hours a day.

And oh… if you had gone for the Nuffnang movie thingie, then you would probably see me in… but I don’t think any one except for the usual suspects recognise me. I spoke to Wendy briefly when some of her fans came up for photos with her… I thought I heard her mumble something…. but… nevermind. Haha.

I also learnt that I lost a potential project. Oh well, one more setback for raising that fees to study medicine.

Kk… back to work. Will blog more later. 🙂

The Simpsons

General July 27th, 2007

Managed to catch Simpsons the movie yesterday evening on it’s opening day. The cinema wasn’t exactly the largest, but we had almost a full audience. With all the criticisms surrounding it, it’s pretty much a witty cartoon and I’d give it 3.75 out of 5. Actually, I’d have given it 4 but the guy sitting in front of me is some tall angmo and that effectly reduced my enjoyment of the show. Why do I always get angmos sitting in front of me?

Some spoilers ahead. 😛

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I was reading the above post from Geek Goddess and happened to meet the Serial Lazy Entrepreneur online and we had a small chat. Actually, it became more of a monologue… and it’s reproduced below. Some grammar had been modified from the original conversation, but the essence is still there:

Me: I just read estee’s post on the disfigure thingie
Me: The loved one will still love you but you will lose your friends
SLE: Loose friends?
SLE: How so?
Me: Erm…
Me: It’s a cyclic thing
Me: The scarred person (SP) will be aware of his/her (hereafter her) scars
Me: Then the SP will be afraid to go out
Me: So SP sees lesser of her friends
Me: Subsequently SP drifts away from friends
Me: The “true lover” (TL) will remain
Me: But SP tells TL to find someone else
Me: Then sometimes TL gets irritatingly persistent
Me: SP locks TL out of her life
Me: SP is now alone
Me: SP dies a lonely death
SLE: Gee…
SLE: Kinda pessimistic…
SLE: But no less true…

Well… I should know better. I have had first hand experience of it… 🙁

Friday the 13th !!!

General July 13th, 2007

In Singapore time, that is. Most Fri/13s just pass me by with no hype. It’s just another studying/working day and time just passed by before you know it. In fact, I think I’d be more concern with my tests and assignments than Fri/13s.

However, in SF, it seems to be a little different… maybe being alone in a foreign country sorts of keeps you on your toes and everything that your mum told you not to do while you were a kid seems to all come back to you. Things like not walking under the ladder and not letting a black cat cross your path seems to matter more than anything else… like getting a good and proper meal. 😛

Do you have any unlucky Fri/13s?


General July 8th, 2007

… Blackjack! 21 points!

… winning combination on the one-arm bandit!

… having 777 couples tying the nuptial knot

… getting married to your loved one on a Boeing 777

… registering your business and everything else so that you will never forget your dates!

… ping.sg 1st anniversary party! (their registered date is 04/07?)

… rushing for weddings dinners! Yes, more than just 1, but I can only go for one

… creating a phenomenon like 06-06-06, 05-05-05, 04-04-04, 03-03-03, 02-02-02, 01-01-01

… and lots more… but I am going out now. Feel free to add to the comments 😛

Ed: Oops! I accidentally ping’ed my blog. Here’s the link that you may probably like to read about if you are looking at post-ping.sg mortem comments. 😛