One thing I hate about being a freelancer is that my clients keep postponing their payments and the bigger companies keep asking for extension of credit. Some ask for 30 days credit but take 60 days to clear. Worse, I am still chasing a bad debt since 2 years ago. Goodness!

Is there any effective way of getting payments after a job is completed?

There was an explosion just now at the halls and I am wondering if anyone else heard it ? It was about 11pm on 25th June 2007. Quite a loud bang that was concurrent with the lightning flash. Scared scared. 🙁

Update #1: This is totally unrelated… but my left knee cap is hurting like mad. Feels like rheumatism 🙁

Update #2: Also totally unrelated… Shawn of Campus Superstar is out! What the… ? 😮


Rants June 15th, 2007

I think sometimes I have to think before I start spewing nonsensical stuffs on my blog 🙁


Scratched by the feline

Rants June 15th, 2007

Got scratched by the hall feline today. It seems to be the in-thing now – to be scratched by cats. Heard that someone else got scratched today as well. 🙁

The scratch was quite superficial, but it was enough to leave multiple lines of scars on my leg. Washed and cleansed with the toilet soap and applied antiseptic cream on it… but it is still hurting one helluva lot. Apparently it is harmless and the school doc said that it’s going to be alright. But I have heard of people dying from flesh eating bacteria found on crabs, does anyone know if we can die from a cat’s scratch?

When I woke up at 12pm on a Tuesday afternoon, I had a feeling that that was just about as much sleep I would get this week. Work was piling up sky-high and everything that needs my attention is urgent.

Freelancing as a web developer/designer is never an easy thing to do. I give up my sleep hours, burn my weekends, work through the nights and probably sacrificing tonnes of personal time with my loved ones just to make ends meet. Something really isn’t right here. While I may seem like ranting, I think this is something that I asked for; and nope, no one pointed a gun at me – no knives, no kidnaps, no blackmails.

Of course, sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it – spending so much time working just for a mere pittance, and people have been telling me that I should be out there selling insurance policies and houses. “要做就做大的” (if you want to do it, then make it big), my friends would always tell me.

Why should you spend sleepless nights and rushing weekends working for such a small amount of money?

But what most of my friends don’t understand, this is about the best thing I can do with my own hands. I don’t think there’s another job that I can do without time and spatial constraint. Short of selling myself, I really don’t know what else I can do just to make that dollar more.

I guess today is just one of the near breakdown points. 32 hours and counting. I am quite sure I will be breaking the 72 hours record soon. Perhaps even more. 🙁

Argh! Nearly struck 4D!

Rants March 25th, 2007

Darn! 2096 came out as 3rd prize rather than 7096. Got me so excited as I scratched the silver foil off my Singapore Sweep ticket one number at a time starting from the last digit. Sigh!

But hey, my prepared mind is for the $2 million cash prize! Heh heh… hope is coming! 😛

Jinx’ed Post?

Rants March 15th, 2007

I had been trying to post a particular entry in my drafts for the longest time, yet every time I tried to post it, the blog site becomes unavailable – only to that computer and only through that particular network connection.

Should I email tech support about it? 🙁

So disappointed

Rants March 8th, 2007

Got called for a casting a couple of days ago for an event, but the event coordinator was super blur busy during the casting. She just briefed the few of us about what to expect during the event and took a mugshot of each of us and asked us to coordinate with our event coordinator.

So, none of us knew if we were selected or if we had to wait for a reply. Naturally, since nothing was mentioned about “letting us know of the results later”, we assumed that everyone got in.

Turned out that *none* of us got in!

It was such a huge disappointment. I emailed the other girls if they have gotten any reply but apparently no one managed to get a confirmation from the EC. Eventually, I gave the EC a call and she confirmed that none of us got the job. Sigh. She should have at least informed us. Everyone was waiting for her call or SMS.

Maybe she’s just too busy or stressed. Oh well. *winged money*

Please Clear The Stuffs

Rants February 24th, 2007

Was at Starbucks today when another group happily shifted all the previous customer’s plates and cups onto the other seat on my table.

I kept my peace until Meowy came. Meowy wanted to clear the stuffs onto another table, but I told her to leave it and asked the original group of people to clear the stuffs. They argued that it’s not theirs, but I told them it’s not mine either. Anymore argument and I would have told them that they shouldn’t have left it on my chair instead of the table next to them.

I’m such a b*tch today.